What Things Should You Consider in a Personal Yoga Trainer?
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Personal Yoga Trainer

What Things Should You Consider in a Personal Yoga Trainer?

Do you want to practice yoga at your home? Guess what! You can hire a personal yoga trainer and start your journey at home. However, not every yoga teacher is worth it or can add value to your life. Therefore, there are many things you must take care of before hiring a personal yoga trainer.

Having a brief idea about what your yoga teacher is capable of can give you a hint of how your yoga sessions might go. Hence, you must do enough research before starting your practice with a yoga teacher.

Important Key Points to Check Before Hiring Personal Yoga Trainer

Yoga Certification

It is the most important element you need to check before hiring a personal yoga trainer. From where your yoga teacher has learned and got certification plays a major role. It indicates if he or she has learned the genuine and true essence of yoga.

Yoga Certification

Hence, run a background check on them whether he or she is Yoga Alliance certified or not. Go with only the Yoga Alliance certified yoga teachers. It improves your chances of learning true yoga knowledge.


Experience is one of the key qualities of a yoga teacher. Do check whether your yoga teacher has any experience or not. If not, you can ask them for the reason. Some personal yoga trainers earn certifications but never take interest in learning or training anyone.

Beware of such personal yoga trainers as they might have the certification but not the required experience. Further, choose someone with more than a year or two of experience in teaching other students.

Old Clients

A crucial point that you must check is the list of his or her older clients. It helps you get a rough idea about whom he or she might have trained. While looking at the client list, look for people who have a similar background as yours.

This is going to help you have an idea of how he or she handled them. Hence, you can raise your questions or expectations depending on your observation.

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In the digital era, reviews can be helpful when you want to know about the service quality of your teacher. Further, it tells you about his or her hidden qualities or things that might ruin your practice.

Therefore, before hiring a personal yoga trainer, look for online reviews of his or her older clients. Sometimes, clients leave particular instances that dictate what sort of a person he or she is. Hence, it helps you make a better decision.


How much a personal yoga trainer knows can decide how your yoga journey is going to be. So, you need to prepare a list of questions that are of utmost priority to you. Give him or her certain scenarios about yourself to witness how does he or she behave.

This helps you form an idea about his knowledge. You can even ask field-related questions that can help you know the person even better.

Physical Abilities

Think it yourself, how can a person help you master your body if he or she is not at all a master of theirs. Hence, ask about his or her personal achievements or records. Moreover, ask if he or she can perform a particular yoga asana.

This helps you know him or her better in terms of how efficient he or she is when it comes to yoga practice.

Wrap Up

The above given are just a few things you must check before hiring a personal yoga trainer. The digital age gives you an upper hand to have a deeper dive into his or her life. Therefore, make abundant use of it to keep your journey halt and injury-free.

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