300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Svadhyaya Kosha in India

Want to take your yoga skills from basic to advanced? Looking for spreading the goodness of yoga among others? Mulling over how to become a yoga instructor? In this case, 300 hour yoga teacher training is the best program for you to join.

In association with the Yoga Alliance, USA – Svadhyaya Kosha offers yoga certification for 300 Hrs yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. It is an in-depth yoga TTC that includes an array of yoga forms like Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Mantras chanting, Mudra poses, Pranayama, Philosophy & History of yoga, Alignments, Human anatomy, and much more.

Additionally, we take your yogic journey to the next level with the amalgamation of traditional and modern yoga practices. The 300 hours yoga teacher training course will hone your knowledge not only as a teacher but also as a practitioner. In short, equal importance is given to theory and practice so that you can have a holistic yoga experience.

What is 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training?

The 300 Hours yoga teacher training offered at Svadhyaya Kosha is a 40-day course that will help you learn the art of yoga teaching, deepen your yoga knowledge, and bring you a life-changing experience. On the successful completion of 300 hour yoga teacher training, a student will be given with yoga certification registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. The yoga course will, in fact, enlighten your mind, body, and spirit with the experience, education, and knowledge of yoga.

Why Consider Doing 300 Hour Yoga TTC at Svadhyaya Kosha?

There are various factors that give us an edge over the competition such as:

  • We make you learn how to become a yoga instructor by integrating various yogic practices in your daily life.
  • To help students better understand the yoga anatomy, sequencing, and body dynamics. For that, we make use of various yoga methods and techniques.
  • By attending 300 hours yoga teacher training at Svadhyaya Kosha, you will certainly get to know about how to get rid of emotional blockages and find inner peace.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Prerequisites and Eligibility Criteria

  1. You are eligible to apply for 300 hour yoga training if you already have yoga certification for 200 hour yoga teacher training from Svadhyaya Kosha or any other yoga school that is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA.
  2. You will be awarded with 300 hour yoga teacher training certificate only if you clear the assessment criterion that includes both practical as well as written evaluation.
  3. Yoga practitioners having intermediate or advanced knowledge, but not having 200 hours yoga TTC certification, can also enroll themselves for 300 hour yoga TTC. However, they need to show their potential for the same.

Basic Principals and Guidelines to be Followed While Doing 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh
  • Students are expected to be reliable in yoga classes and maintain their attendance.
  • All yoga classes are compulsory to attend. Only in case of illness or emergency, you can miss a class that too with the prior permission from a respective yoga teacher. Uninformed leaves will be taken as a violation of rules and impact your yoga certification.
  • You are expected to strictly observe the 300 hour yoga teacher training course routine and maintain discipline.
  • Late entry to any yoga class is not allowed, therefore you are advised to be on time.
  • Smoking, alcohol, and non-vegetarian food is not permitted during yoga training.
  • You are requested to inform in advance if you want to skip a meal so that there is no food wastage.
  • Svadhyaya Kosha reserves the right to terminate a student anytime if found disrespecting rules and regulations. Important to realize, there will be no refund in such a case.

Detailed Syllabus For 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

1. Alignment and adjustment

  • All about asanas adjustment & what makes them good?
  • How to adjust your own and other’s bodies?
  • Understanding to effectively find out which adjustment is the perfect fit for which pose?
  • Understanding to observe adjustment in the body before performing it.
  • How to maximize your adjustment ability by making use of various tools.
  • Learning usage of own body weight and correct body mechanics to ensure safe and effective adjustment for yourself and others.
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

2. Anatomy and physiology

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology of yoga
  • What is the Bone system and their functions in yoga
  • Introduction to Tendons, Ligaments, and Cartilage
  • Introduction to the Human Digestive System
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Skeletal System
  • Introduction to Respiratory System
  • Introduction to Human Glands
  • Con Endocrine System
  • Introduction to Muscle bone in the context of yoga
  • Introduction to Circulatory System
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Pranayama
  • Shatkarma and yoga poses

3. Ashtanga Vinyasa

  • Introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga History
  • Ashtanga yoga practice method
  • Vinyasa: Movement Breathing System
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Navasana
  • Yogmudra
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Fundamentals
  • Trishthana
  • Setu Bandhasana
  • Various Yoga Asanas
Yoga certification

4. Hatha yoga

Yoga Instructor Course
  • What is Asana?
  • Introduction to Hatha Yoga?
  • What are the 6 steps of doing asanas meditatively
  • Introduction to Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar
  • Hatha Yoga/ Asana goals
  • Outcomes or effects of Asanas in the Modern World
  • Benefits and contraindication of various Asanas
  • Role of counterposing in Hatha Yoga
  • Introduction to Shavasana and what is the best time to practice it.
  • Concept of Ida and Pingala counterposing in Hatha Yoga Tradition

5. Kundalini Yoga

  • What is Kundalini?
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Introduction to Yantra, Tantra, and Mantra
  • What are the seven main chakras and other minor chakras?
  • What is the method of Kundalini Awakening?
  • Introduction to the signs of Kundalini awakening
  • Concept of the life of Kundalini
  • Different stages of Kundalini Awakening
  • Pinnacle of Kundalini yoga and its chakra system
Yoga Instructor Course

6. Mantra Chanting

How to become a yoga instructor
  • Introduction of Mantra yoga
  • Importance of Mantra Chanting and OM Mantra
  • The scientific approach of Mantras
  • Mantra for Obstacles
  • Universal Mantra
  • Realization Mantras for well being
  • Concept of om (Aum) and so hum
  • Seed Mantras of Chakras
  • Mantras for daily routine
  • Mantras and Indian Mythology

7. Meditation

  • Introduction to Meditation, its meaning, and definition
  • What is the difference between Dharna and Dhyana?
  • Importance of Meditation in modern life
  • What are the types of Meditation?
  • Breath Awareness Meditation
  • Preparation for Meditation
  • Contemplative Walking Meditation
  • Mantra Awareness Meditation
  • Kayasthariyam (body steadiness)
  • Chakra meditation
  • Dynamic meditation
  • Third eye meditation
  • Mudra meditation
  • Aum meditation
  • Trataka meditation
  • Sound meditation
  • Morning meditation techniques
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

8. Pranayama

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India
  • Understanding Prana and Pranayama
  • Pranayama Benefits
  • Types of Breathing
  • Types of Pranayama practices
  • Concept of Prana and Kundalini
  • Various ways of balancing pranayama
  • Sitting posture for pranayama
  • Introduction to Yoga Mudras
  • Bandha Preparation
  • Benefits of Bandha
  • Pranayama and lifestyle

9. Shatkarma

  • Introduction of Shatkarma also known as shatkriyas
  • Jalneti
  • Sutra Neti(Cleansing Mucous or blockages from nasal passages and sinus)
  • Kunjal dhauti (Cleansing the excessive mucus from the digestive tract)
  • Eye Cleaning
  • Nauli Kriya
  • Rubber Neti
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

10. Teaching methodology

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yogic Disciplines for teachers and students
  • Assessment and observation in yoga class
  • The importance of listening, presence, directive, and non-directive dialogue
  • Importance of demonstration?
  • How to correctly choose yoga props?
  • Preparing the classroom
  • How to prepare yoga class with a group of mixed-level students?
  • How to describe the practice, techniques, and delivery while teaching a yoga class?
  • Obstacles in teaching
  • Difference between teaching yoga indoor and outdoor
  • Designing the asana sequence
  • How to become a great Yoga instructor?

11. Yoga Nidra

  • What is Yoga Nidra?
  • Explain sleep?
  • What are the 3 states of consciousness?
  • Importance and benefits of deep sleep
  • The practice of Yoga Nidra
  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra in relation to chakras
Yoga certification

12. Yoga philosophy

Yoga Instructor Course
  • Introduction to yoga, its history, and evolution
  • Introduction to yoga sutra
  • Different types of yoga
  • Role of yogic discipline
  • Introduction to Kundalini yoga
  • Concept of Panchkosha
  • Introduction to seven chakras
  • Concept of Aum and Iswara
  • Concept of Kleshas
  • Introduction to nadis (pingla, ida, and shusumna)
  • Understanding the order of practice – Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Karma and bhakti yoga

Daily Schedule

Yoga Instructor Course

05:30 AM

Wake up

How to become a yoga instructor

06:00 AM

Hatha Yoga

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh


Tea (Herbal)

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

07:45 AM – 08:45 AM

Asana Class/Pranayama

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

08:45 AM – 09:45 AM


300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Yoga Philosophy

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

Alignment and Adjustment

Yoga certification

12:30 PM – 01:30 PM

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

Yoga Instructor Course

01:30 PM


How to become a yoga instructor

02:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Rest Time/Self-study

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

04:30 PM


300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

04:45 PM – 05:45 PM

Ashtanga Vinyasa

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

06:15 PM – 07:15 PM


Yoga certification

07:30 PM – 08:30 PM


How to become a yoga instructor

09:30 PM

Lights out

Note: There may be changes in the daily schedule from time to time or as per the need of a yoga program.

Cost of 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India at Svadhyaya Kosha

Student Batch Size 10 to 20
Location: Svadhyaya Kosha, Rishikesh
Duration: 40 Days
Shared Room: $2000 USD
Private Room: $2200 USD

What Does the 300 Hour TTC Fees Include?

  • Accommodation for 39 Nights
  • Daily tea and three-time vegetarian meal
  • Purified Water
  • Weekend cultural and nature excursions
  • Air Conditioner – Extra Charges
  • Course Material like Yoga Mat and Yoga Books
  • Jal Neti Pot and Mala
  • 24×7 WiFi Access
  • Pick and Drop (On request with additional charges)

What Does the 300 Hour TTC Fees Not Include?

  • Visa
  • Air Tickets

Note: If you need help regarding air bookings, feel free to get in touch with us via email. You can also contact us by dialing our number 1-866-987-1750.

Upcoming Dates to Join 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

  • March 1st to 9 April 2020 (Yoga Alliance Certification)
  • April 1st to 10 May 2020 (Yoga Alliance Certification)
  • May 1st to 9 June 2020 (Yoga Alliance Certification)
  • June 1st to 10 July 2020 (Yoga Alliance Certification)
  • July 1st to 9 August 2020 (Yoga Alliance Certification)
  • August 1st to 9 September 2020 (Yoga Alliance Certification)
  • September 1st to 10 October 2020 (Yoga Alliance Certification)
  • October 1st to 9 November 2020 (Yoga Alliance Certification)
  • November 1st to 10 December 2020 (Yoga Alliance Certification)
  • December to 9 January 2021 (Yoga Alliance Certification)

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Happy Svadhyaya Kosha Students

Anyone who wants to know how to become a yoga instructor must join 300 hrs yoga teacher training at Svadhyaya Kosha. Instructors here are full of knowledge and are always happy to explain various things related to yoga. Not to mention, I am really satisfied with the facilities provided by the yoga school.
I am incredibly grateful for providing such an immersive and mesmerizing yoga experience. The yoga techniques taught during 300-hour yoga teacher training by instructors at Svadhyaya Kosha were completely professional and result-oriented. Particularly, I am impressed with the way yoga acharyas deal with the students.
Doing 300 hours of yoga TTC at Svadhyaya Kosha was one of the best decisions made by me. Here, at the yoga center, the instructors were empowering, inspirational, outstanding, and especially friendly in nature. In fact, I really recommend doing yoga TTC in India to learn the whole nine yards of Yoga concept.

Enroll now! Join 300 hour yoga teacher training course at Svadhyaya Kosha to have a truly immersive yoga experience!

Note: All yoga asanas should be carried out at a professional yoga class under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher. Keep in mind that do not practice postures that put extreme pressure on the body parts.