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Yoga Alliance Certification

Everything to Know About Yoga Alliance Certification

Do you know how a yoga alliance certification helps you become the best yoga teacher? Yoga Alliance is an international not-for-profit organization working to spread the complete knowledge of Yoga around the world. With more than 5,000 Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) and 100,000 Registered Yoga Teachers (YTT); they offer a safe and accessible environment to help you learn everything about Yoga.

Yoga Alliance has been an active contributor to the spreading of everything about Yoga including the right techniques, methods, and systems to teach the sacred art. With the right teaching and guidance, there is no stopping you from becoming a certified yoga instructor with a renowned RYS.

Yoga Alliance does a lot when it comes to spreading the knowledge of this sacred art including;

yoga alliance certification

1) Promoting and uplifting the various yoga styles and traditions.

2) Upholding the global standards for yoga through proper education and community.

3) Encouraging safe yoga practices via ethics, code of conduct, and equality towards all.

4) Helping yoga schools and teachers with effective business practices to help them succeed.

5) Serving the yoga community by providing tools to individuals for personal development and exclusive benefits.

You might be wondering if Yoga Alliance has so much to contribute to the world yoga community then why not become a member. Don’t worry as we are just getting started in that direction.

Yoga Alliance Certification – How to Become a Member

You should understand that Yoga Alliance is a voluntary member-based organization that helps yoga schools and institutions around the world. It provides you with the certification and necessary credentials along the lines of a proper code of conduct and offers a safe environment for every yoga lover.

For you to earn a yoga alliance certification there are a set of standards and rules to follow at all times. There are specific credentials you would need to acquire. The credentials serve as markers for the students to ensure they are learning from the best. It helps them to stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Let us find out the different certifications that Yoga Alliance offers;

1. Yoga Schools

yoga school

Yoga Alliance offers yoga schools with five different yoga alliance certifications to let them become a Registered Yoga School (RYS). These include the foundational RYS 200-hour course, professional-level RYS-300, and RYS-500, and specialized RYS credentials as Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) and Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS).

2. Yoga Teachers

yoga teacher

Yoga Alliance offers a total of 6 Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) credentials that depends on the completion of the RYS curriculum and a minimum number of years in teaching yoga. The foundational courses include RYT 200-hour and E-RYT 200 hour courses, professional-level courses include RYT 500, E-RYT 500 hour courses. You can also get a yoga alliance certification via specialized courses as RCYT, and RYPT.

Let us now check out how joining the Yoga Alliance can help you both on a personal and professional front.

Yoga Alliance Certification – The Benefit for Members of Yoga Alliance

You might not know but becoming a member of the Yoga Alliance provides you with a solid support network to move ahead in the personal and professional aspects of mastering Yoga. A yoga alliance certification works to provide you not just knowledge of yoga but a host of other benefits including;

1. Access to Yoga Alliance Community

yoga alliance community

Yoga Alliance community is a welcoming place for yoga lovers to connect and interact with each other. You get the opportunity to connect with other yoga professionals, share information, resources, and form lasting relationships.

2. Know YourYa.Org

The Yoga Alliance website came into existence with the sole idea of providing resources to yoga lovers to help them have a solid foundation before teaching yoga to others. Becoming a member of this vibrant community gets you the chance to stay updated about the latest yoga practices.

3. Member Directory At Your Disposal

Do you know that Yoga Alliance has its own directory with the names of all Registered Yoga Schools (RYS), Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT), and Continuing Education Providers (YACEPs). The membership offers you a way to expand the network and become more accessible to yoga students. You can easily find the best yoga teacher training program depending on the location, credentials, and what they offer.

4. Go to Yoga Events

yoga events

The yoga alliance certification gives you permission to visit different yoga events including workshops, and various community events. Each of these events is set as per the guidelines laid down by Yoga Alliance and offers you the best experience of the yogic community.

5. Video Resource Library

You get to enjoy unlimited on-demand services such as thousands of yoga videos. The Yoga Alliance library offers you community event recordings and scientific research on everything about Yoga. Learn more from yoga gurus around the world as well as those from the yoga community.

6. Standards and Credentials

Earning your yoga alliance certification is no cakewalk. It is evident from the standards that Yoga Alliance has set to ensure all those receiving the certification follow proper guidelines while teaching others.

7. Yoga Alliance Foundation

The Yoga Alliance works to create social impact and offers you grants and scholarship opportunities. A yoga teacher training course helps you expand the educational and economic aspects by helping you master yogic arts. You are contributing to creating a better society by helping people unleash their mental and physical capabilities.

There are a host of yoga programs that help you start the journey in yoga and move to advance levels. But you need the right place and teacher to help you kickstart the journey towards mental and physical well-being.

With that said, let us get to where this sacred art originated thousands of years back, aka India.

Yoga Alliance Certification – Why Visit India for Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga has been a part of Indian culture for thousands of years. Yogis in India had figured out the best way to live a quality life was to bring change from the inside. It is the reason why Rishikesh in India happens to be known as the – Yoga Capital of the World.

It goes without any doubt that apart from providing tourists with a glimpse of the different Indian traditions you get the chance to master this sacred art amidst the lap of nature in Rishikesh, which is located in a serene place amidst the Himalayan mountains.

Earning a yoga alliance certification here helps you gain a deeper insight into what yoga actually is and how it can help you evolve. Rishikesh offers you the best yoga schools and institutes that focus on yoga and its practices. Meditation practices in Rishikesh help you evolve on a spiritual level.

But, first, you need to look for a Registered Yoga School (RYS) to begin the journey towards becoming a certified yoga teacher.

Undergoing the yoga teacher certification course at an RYS has two major benefits including;

1) The program meets the minimum requirements as set by Yoga Alliance. You become part of a training module set by the highest authority in the world of Yoga. Moreover, it opens up the venues of receiving knowledge from certified yoga teachers who have themselves walked the path.

2) There is the chance to register yourself with Yoga Alliance after completion of the 200-hour course, which is the beginner’s course in the yoga industry. It gives you the confidence to teach others and increases the chances of working with an RYS both local and international.

Welcome to Svadhaya Kosha – The Abode of Yoga Lovers!

200 hour ytt

Since its inception, the name SvadhyayaKosha has become synonymous with quality yoga education and training. The school believes in providing a more balanced and healthy life with regular practice of yoga in India.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced yoga teachers, earning the yoga alliance certification is just a course away. If you are an ardent yoga lover and looking to learn the art from its roots and advance to the next level then Svadhyaya Kosha is just for you.

Svadhyaya Kosha has centres in North India that help you achieve peak mental, physical, and spiritual growth. You not only learn about yoga but also inculcate the same in everyday life to remain free of unnecessary stress and anxiety. The school is on a mission to help everyone develop internal and external peace.

However, Svadhyaya Kosha is not just about making empty promises and not delivering them. Their range of yoga courses is designed to cater to the needs of every type of yoga learner from a beginner to an advanced practitioner.

Let us now check out the different yoga alliance certification courses that Svadhyaya offers to yoga enthusiasts.

Yoga Alliance Certification Requirements – The Beginner’s Course

If you are looking to start the journey to becoming a yoga instructor then the 200-hour yoga teacher training course is just for you. The course covers a variety of topics in its syllabus including human anatomy and physiology, body alignment, different forms of yoga including Ashtanga, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga among others.

You learn much more than just practising beginner yoga poses. The teachers at Svadhyaya ensure each student learns yoga from its roots. SvadhyayaKosha ensures you learn yoga not only to improve physical health but include it as a spiritual practice. All you need to complete the 200-hour yoga alliance certification is dedication and focus to learn each aspect of Yoga.

1. The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course – Details

200 yoga alliance

Undergoing the 200-hour yoga teacher training course provides you access to;

  • Method to perform yoga asana body adjustment and what makes them useful
  • Techniques to adjust the body during a particular yoga asana
  • Introduction to the human skeletal system and bone system
  • In-depth knowledge of different body systems including the digestive, respiratory, and nervous system
  • Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga including its history and practising methods
  • Learning about yoga asana including their benefits
  • Detailed lessons on Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga
  • Training on different methods to activate the Kundalini energy
  • Classes on Mantra Yoga including an introduction to the concept of Om and Hum in regards to Kundalini Yoga

But, that is not all. The 200-hour yoga teacher training is just the start. Let us now move ahead a bit.

2. 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – The Intermediate Course

If you are done with the 200-hour yoga alliance certification and want to advance your knowledge further then the 300-hour yoga course is perfect for you. The course is known as Advanced Yoga Teacher Training as it combines deeper knowledge of beginner yoga with advanced yoga asanas.

The 300-hour yoga teacher course is a bit more focused and covers 300 hours of yoga training. You get the chance to move to the next level of yoga teacher training. The 300-hour yoga training includes;

Deeper practices of advanced yoga asanas

  • In-Depth Lessons on Yoga Anatomy and Philosophy
  • Lessons on advanced techniques of Yoga Nidra and Deep Meditation
  • Knowledge of yoga mantra chanting

The 300-hour yoga teacher training also includes;

  • Techniques to adjust your own body during a particular yoga asana
  • Classes on maximizing the ability to adjust using various yoga tools
  • In-depth knowledge of tendons, ligaments, and cartilage
  • Introduction to the different body systems including the Endocrine system and Respiratory System
  • Lessons on Navasana, Trishthana, Surya Namaskar, Setu Bandhasana, and other yogic asanas
  • Knowledge of the steps to doing yoga asanas meditatively
  • Benefits of the different yoga asanas
  • Classes on different stages of Kundalini awakening
  • Techniques covering different meditation techniques

3. Yoga Alliance Certification – The 500-Hour Course

If you really want to earn a yoga alliance certification and become an advanced practitioner as well as a teacher of yoga then the 500-hour course is what you should choose. The 500-hour yoga teacher training course provides you with complete knowledge of everything about yoga.

Taking and completing this course under the tutelage of yoga gurus at SvadhyayaKosha gives you the techniques, skills, and confidence to teach others. The best part is you get complete theoretical and practical knowledge of this sacred art.

The 500-hour yoga teacher training is a 60-days program aimed at helping you evolve physically and mentally to become the best yoga teacher. The course syllabus includes;

Introduction to the Yoga Philosophy

Lessons on Different paths of the yogic lifestyle

  • In-depth lessons on the eight limbs of Yoga
  • Knowledge of Pranayama and different types of yogic breathing techniques
  • In-depth lessons on different body joints and range of motion
  • Understanding of different yoga-related injuries and how to prevent each
  • Classes on different types of yogic meditation
  • Understanding the different types of yogic mantras including Shanti, Gayatri, and Shakti Mantra among others.
  • The practice of advanced yoga asanas including Shalabhasana, Setu Asana, among others.
  • Lessons on yoga teaching techniques and how to assist students
  • In-depth understanding of the core practices of each yoga asana

However, you might wonder that every yoga school promises the same things and what makes Svadhyaya Kosha a special mention here? Read on below to know what makes us stand out from the rest.

Yoga Alliance Certification – Why Svadhyaya Kosha?

When you invest in a yoga alliance certification from Svadhyaya Kosha; you are not investing in any local yoga school but one under the umbrella of Yoga Alliance.

Without further delay, allow us to explain what makes Svadhyaya different from others;

1. Vegetarian Meals

veg meal

A yoga teacher training from Svadhyaya Kosha it is not just all about the regular practice sessions of yoga but also about following a healthy diet. You get to taste some of the best Indian cuisines and that too without any adulteration. Remember that a healthy body will lead you towards the goal of spiritual and mental freedom.

2. Fun Activities And Ganga Aarti

Ganga Arti

The yoga gurus at Svadhyaya Kosha know that practising daily within the premises often leads to stagnation of your body and mind. You want to liberate the mind and body from problems of daily life and not increase them. You get to enjoy the learning process of becoming a certified yoga teacher outside with some fresh air and right in the lap of nature.

3. Comfortable Accommodation Options

The Svadhaya Kosha know that a tired body is never ready to take on the challenges of becoming a yoga teacher. It shows clearly in the ample of AC and Non-AC accommodation options you can choose to make your stay relaxing.

4. Daily Classes

You know that nothing bores the mind and body to death than going through the same routine day in and out. It is the reason why at Svadhyaya Kosha the process of learning yoga takes a whole different route. You learn a variety of lessons during the yoga alliance certification course.

No more waiting! Join Svadhyaya Kosha and feel the difference yourself!

The Conclusion

Earning a yoga alliance certification becomes much easier with the right guidance and knowledge. Yoga teacher training helps you unlock the secrets to a healthy mind, body, and spirit under the guidance of an experienced teacher. You gain the confidence and necessary skills to teach the sacred art to others and spread the knowledge of this sacred art.

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Q 1) Is Yoga Alliance certification necessary?

Ans) Yes. If you want the liberty to teach yoga in any part of the world, having the Yoga Alliance certification is necessary. The Yoga Alliance certification gives you more exposure by mentioning you in an online directory that represents you as a certified yoga instructor. In short, to have a successful career in yoga, you need to have the certification affiliated with the Yoga Alliance.

Q 2) Can I register with Yoga Alliance?

Ans) Indeed! For that, you need to join a registered yoga school. Moreover, enrol in a Yoga Alliance certified teacher course and complete the course. Using the course certification, you can apply for the International Yoga Alliance certification. Once you are certified as a registered yoga teacher, you officially get listed in their online directories. Hence, you are registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Q 3) Is 200 hours enough to teach yoga?

Ans) You need to understand that a 200-hour yoga teacher training course is one of the most basic courses. It is like fulfilling the minimum eligibility. Even though some yoga courses require a person to have a 200-hour YTT certification to teach. However, it might not serve you the best when it comes to teaching in 300 hours or 500-hour YTT courses.

Q 4) Do yoga certifications expire?

Ans) You need to extend the validity of your yoga course after every three years. That is included in the continuation study section of the Yoga Alliance. In short, yes, yoga certifications do get expired if you do not extend their validity by following the proper process. Hence, if you want to enjoy all the perks of being a certified yoga professional, make sure you do not let your certificate expire.

Q 5) What is the difference between YTT and RYT?

Ans) YTT stands for Yoga Teacher Training whereas RYT stands for Registered Yoga Teacher. You get YTT certification when you complete a yoga course. It is credited by the registered yoga school. On the other hand, RYT is credited by the International Yoga Alliance that ensures you are a designated member of the Yoga Alliance.

Q 6) I Want To Become A Registered Yoga Teacher. How Should I Start?

To become an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), you would need to enrol in the beginner-level 200-hour yoga teacher training program at a school accredited by Yoga Alliance USA Certification. This includes the foundational concepts of yoga and provides you with a solid understanding of the basic yoga techniques. Once you complete the training and grab the needed experience, apply for the RYT title with Yoga Alliance.

Q 7) What Is The Difference Between An RYT & CYT?

The yoga community is filled with acronyms that might sound a bit confusing to beginners. One of them is the difference between an RYT and CYT.

The RYT stands for Registered Yoga Teacher and it means you have accomplished the necessary yoga teacher training from a Yoga Alliance certified RYS (Registered Yoga School).

On the other hand, the CYT refers to a Certified Yoga Teacher. This means that you have completed a yoga teacher training program. However, this can mean two different things namely;

  • You have trained with a Non-Yoga Alliance school
  • You have completed training from a Yoga Alliance RYS but have not registered with the Yoga Alliance

However, you should keep in mind that either of these qualifications does not represent yoga teaching skills or the type of teaching experience you carry. These only mean that an RYT is registered with Yoga Alliance whereas a CYT has not.

Q 8) Who Issues The Yoga Alliance Certificates?

Yoga Alliance certificates for individuals and RYS (Registered Yoga School) are issued by Yoga Alliance. These carry the signatures of the Yoga Alliance functionaries as well as the head of the yoga school.

However, a Yoga Alliance certified teacher training or school might use the acronym YAI-CYT (Yoga Alliance International Certified Yoga Teacher/School).

Q 9) How Is Yoga Alliance Helping Members During This Pandemic?

Yoga Alliance USA Certification has established an Emergency Relief Fund in partnership with Ivy Child International and Reclamation Ventures. This will provide financial support to those facing income loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, this fund is open to yoga professionals around the world and is not limited to just Yoga Alliance members.

Q 10) What Is The Process Of Certification?

You receive the Yoga Alliance USA certification only after the complete process that includes an interview and assessment of your abilities as a yoga teacher. Also, you might have to pay a one-time fee.