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Yoga For Beginners

The Magic of Yoga For Beginners

How did everything has become so complicated? What was the last time you had a break from your workaholic life? Just like your body needs rest every night, your mind too needs peace and calm. What could be a better option than yoga? Yoga for beginners can work like magic for starters.

There is no stop to all the positive light showering on you when you make yoga an everyday thing of your life. The best thing about yoga is that there are no restrictions as to who can or cannot practice it, be it beginners or experts. Have a reading of the below-given points to know the life-changing miracles of yoga practice.

Benefits of Yoga for Beginners

Benefits of Yoga for Beginners

Harnessing Energy

Everything is energy in this world. When a thought originates in your mind, it seeds an emotion or a feeling attached to that thought. After you hover over that particular thought, you feed energy to it.

When you practice yoga for beginners, meditation techniques help you to gain control over your unconscious thinking. Therefore, it saves you the trouble of spending your precious energy on petty thoughts. You learn to observe from a distance rather than entangle in the thoughts.

Purifying Effect

In the eastern philosophy of yoga, Yin and Yang are the two aspects that depict positive and negative dimensions of energy. Practising yoga for beginners help you to be aware of your every dimension, so that, you can work on your ailments, ill thoughts, or negative emotions.

You can also go on a Vipassana retreat where you practice meditation all day long. Moreover, having vegetarian and organic food nourishes your body with its well-balanced nutrient cycle.

Creating Balance

Having a balance in your life is a must. Be it a balance in your personal and professional life, or your mind and body. When you practice various beginners’ poses in sync with your breath, you position your physical dimension in alignment with your mental space.

You can feel stressed when you feel helpless. Anxiety is another side-effect that you have to bear. However, it helps you to have your stress under control, giving you better control over your emotional self.

Transcending Awareness

While practising deep meditation, you dive deeper into your psyche. You get to link with your higher self, which connects directly to the life force, to the Divine, or the Universe. Though it is not easy to raise your awareness to the point that it transcends beyond the physical space. But when you implement 8 limbs of yoga, the true essence of yogic life, you put yourself on the path of enlightenment.

Even if attaining enlightenment is not the ultimate goal of the masses, you can still raise your awareness to become one with your true self.

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From the time you are born, you are exposed to various beliefs that you follow or believe in without giving a second thought. However, your mind goes through a phase of rewiring when you practice yoga for beginners or any advanced form.

Studies have confirmed that your mind changes its physical, chemical, and neurological patterns when you practice meditation regularly.

You can practice in your solitude or you can go on a yoga retreat to enrich your knowledge. Moreover, you can become a yoga instructor if you desire to teach other aspirants as well. The path of yoga opens a new dimension of life before you.

You feel inadequate in your life when you are not in your best shape, either physically or mentally. Yoga for beginners places you in a higher plane of consciousness, where you feel connected to the world around you.

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Ques 1) What are the basic steps to do yoga for a beginner?

Ans) The main thing you need to keep in mind if you are a complete beginner to yoga is to stay calm and composed and then start with some basic stretches and asanas of the practice of yoga. You can also start practising meditation practice to calm your mind. 

Ques 2) What is the best yoga for beginners?

Ans) The best yoga for absolute beginners is the practice of basic asanas, like Savasana, Mountain Pose, Tree Pose, Downward Facing Dog Pose, and much more. Moreover, you can practice Yin yoga and Restorative yoga to start your yoga journey without any hassle. 

Ques 3) How much does it take to see results of yoga practice?

Ans) If you remain consistent, you might be able to see the results very soon. A few things that might increase is your strength, flexibility, muscle endurance, and agility. Moreover, you need to be consistent to ensure you have a perfect yoga practice.