Become A Certified Yoga Instructor With Yoga Teacher Certification
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Become A Certified Yoga Instructor With Yoga Teacher Certification

Become A Certified Yoga Instructor With Yoga Teacher Certification

Do you want to take your yoga practice to the next level? How about joining a yoga teacher certification? If you are practising yoga for a while now, and are passionate enough to keep going, then joining a yoga teacher certification is a go-to option for you.

However, diving straight into deep water can sometimes leave you gasping for air. So, it seems a wise thing to know about yoga teacher certification first than joining it without having the least idea.

What Is Yoga Teacher Certification?


Yoga can be practised in solitude or the company of yoga practitioners under the guidance of a yoga instructor. Yoga teacher certification is a certified yoga course that you can join to become a certified yoga instructor.

When your certification course is complete, you become eligible to teach yoga in different parts of the world without worrying about your validation as a yoga trainer. For that, you need to have your yoga certification from the Yoga Alliance, USA.

What Is Yoga Alliance?

It is a non-profit organization that overlooks the dispersion of genuine and authentic yoga knowledge across the globe. Thus, it looks out for the international standards of yoga. The Yoga Alliance, USA helps you have a great start to your yoga journey.

yoga alliance

Moreover, when you complete your yoga certification course with the Yoga Alliance, you automatically become a member of the Yoga Alliance. It provides you with a platform to start your career as a yoga instructor. Further, you are listed on online directories as a genuine source to learn yoga.

Becoming a member of the yoga alliance provide you access to the online directories where you can access ancient yoga books manuscripts, and other knowledgeable yoga material free of cost.

Yoga Courses For Yoga Teacher Certification

There are many yoga courses that you can enrol in for yoga teacher certification. You can join any yoga course according to your yoga level.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Training

200 hour ytt

The most suitable yoga course for every beginner is RYT 200. You can enrol in this yoga course to start your yoga journey from scratch. Moreover, when you join this course for your yoga teacher certification, you learn all the basics of yoga.

It further clears away all your doubts or confusion related to various yoga poses, techniques of meditation, yoga forms, and much more.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Training

300 hour ytt

After the completion of your basic yoga course, if you want to step up your yoga knowledge, 300 hour yoga teacher training can be a go-to option for you. It provides you intermediate yoga knowledge, perfecting your yoga skills.

You learn more complex yoga poses that move you towards the mastery of your body. Also, you become a certified yoga instructor on the completion of your yoga course.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Training

500 hour ytt

The most advanced yoga course you can join for yoga teacher certification is RYT 500. Yoga practitioners who have completed RYT 200 and RYT 300 are eligible to enrol in this yoga course. Moreover, if you want to open your yoga academy, you can enrol in this course.

Steps To Have Yoga Teacher Certification

Find A Certified Yoga School

When you want to join a yoga teacher certification, first you need to search for a certified yoga school. While doing so, keep a check on the location or the surrounding environment of the selected yoga school.

The selection of the right yoga school influences your yoga journey. Joining a yoga alliance certified yoga school helps you have a better yogic experience.

Select A Yoga Course

The next step to yoga teacher certification is to select a yoga course according to your practice. Moreover, you can also look out whether a particular yoga course serves the goal you have in your mind.

Seek Certified Yoga Instructor

Practising yoga under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher can help you have a perfect start to your yoga practice. Therefore, while joining a yoga teacher certification, you need to search for a genuine yoga teacher, so that, you can clear away your doubts or confusion.

Practice Hard

Once everything is sorted out, all you need to do is practice hard. However, keep in mind to never force things if you feel discomfort while practising yoga. Moreover, you need to gradually increase the intensity of yoga practice, so that, you remain injury-free.

Why Enroll In A Yoga Teacher Certification?

More Exposure

Enrolling in a yoga teacher certification help you expand your knowledge, and expose you to different yoga elements. In turn, you get a platform where you can shower your mind and body with love. With so many new things at hand, you learn new ways to cope up with different situations in life.

Greater Knowledge

There is always scope for improvement, and when you join a yoga instructor certification, your sphere of knowledge expands. You come across different ways of practising difficult or complex yoga poses. Moreover, you get to upgrade your preexisting knowledge about yoga asanas and body mechanics.

Joining The Community

When you join a yoga instructor certification, you practice in the company of like-minded people. Therefore, you feel connected rather than feeling out of place. Moreover, you always have the support of the people with whom you practice yoga. They motivate and inspire you to push through your physical or mental limits.

Becoming A Yoga Instructor

Last but not least is that when you join a yoga teacher certification, you move towards becoming a yoga Instructor with certification. It provides you with an opportunity to enrich your life with deep yogic practices, and to learn from the grand yoga masters.

Wrap UP

To conclude, it can be said that yoga instructor certification serves as a door to a world of new possibilities and opportunities before you. Moreover, you can rest assured to have the best yogic experience of your life when you join a yoga Instructor certification in India.

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Ques 1) How do you become a certified yoga instructor?

Ans) To become a certified yoga instructor, you need to enrol in a yoga Instructor training course in a registered yoga school. Moreover, make sure that the selected school is registered with the Yoga Alliance. Further, choose a yoga teacher training course as per your practice and join & complete the course.

Ques 2) How much money does a yoga instructor make?

Ans) That depends on the level of expertise, experience, and certification of the yoga trainer. Moreover, it also depends on how much does the certified yoga instructor charge per class. Hence, earnings depend on so many factors that vary from one person to the other.

Ques 3) Is becoming a yoga teacher worth it?

Ans) Yes! Becoming a yoga teacher is going to open a world of opportunities for you. You learn how to master your body movements. Moreover, you learn how to stay active, strong, and flexible throughout your life. Furthermore, you can teach others to walk the path of healthy living.