Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Instructor Course
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Yoga Instructor Course

Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Instructor Course

What more you need to start your yogic journey than the yoga instructor course. For beginners, it is a way to step into deep waters of yoga whereas, for expert yoga practitioners, it could be a chance to enhance their yoga practice.

You might be feeling a bit confused about getting into a yoga instructor course out of the blue, especially for yoga beginners. But you might change your mind after getting to know about it. Read the following to clear away your doubts or any queries.

What Is Yoga Instructor Course?

When you want to start practicing yoga, you need a place or the most important thing, an expert yoga instructor to begin your practice. Yoga instructor course provides you with everything that you need to kick-start your yogic journey.

When you enroll in a yoga instructor course, you follow a process to become a certified yoga teacher. It helps you learn all the basics if you are a beginner and advanced yoga knowledge in a unique and descriptive way.

However, there are things that you need to keep in mind before enrolling in a yoga instructor course. Have a brief reading to learn more.

Things To Check Before Enrolling In A Yoga Instructor Course

Yoga Alliance Certification

When you enroll in a yoga instructor course, having a certification becomes necessary. But make sure to enroll in the yoga alliance, USA registered course. It helps you to become eligible to teach yoga across the globe when your yoga instructor course is completed.

Also, having a certification course also ensures that you are certified according to the international standards of yoga. So, you need to make sure that your yoga instructor course is a certified course, so that, you get the most out of your practice.

Certified Yoga School

Yoga can be practiced anywhere, all you need is your body. However, when it comes to the yoga instructor course, you cannot just randomly practice yoga. Moreover, you need to follow a fully customized and well- structured plan to practice more efficiently.

For that, you need to join a yoga school. But keep in mind that the yoga school of your selection is registered with the yoga alliance. It ensures that the yoga taught there is as per the rules and regulations set by the yoga alliance.

Registered Yoga Teachers

Nothing is much better than a yoga teacher with whom you feel comfortable and can share anything related to yoga. However, keep in mind that the yoga teacher must be registered with the yoga alliance, so that, you learn authentic and genuine yoga.

Practicing under the guidance of the certified yoga teacher helps you by clearing away all your doubts questions, or any confusion.

Peaceful Environment

The surrounding environment affects your being. You might have noticed that you feel calm and cheerful whenever you spend some time in nature. That is because you fall back away from all the noise or distractions that are always taking a huge chunk of your life.

But when you enroll in a yoga instructor course, you need to be extra careful to find a place that is peaceful, serene, and away from all the distractions. This way, you can focus more on your yogic practices than mingling or entangling in other things at hand.

Yoga Material

Though you need your body only when it comes to practicing yoga. However, there are a few things that you can use to assist yourself in stepping up your practice. You should check whether the yoga school that you have chosen is providing any yoga material or not.

Yoga material like yoga mats, blankets, props, blocks, yoga straps, yoga books, and much more can help you increase your efforts while practicing. Further, you can feel like growing when you learn about the ancient practices from old manuscripts or books of yoga.

Forms Of Yoga

The selection of yoga forms is very important when it comes to yoga instructor course. You might be the one who wants an active, athletic physique. Or you can be among those who are searching for the true meaning of life, or who want to get in touch with the deepest cores of their minds.

Depending on the goal you have in your mind, you need to make a selection of a yoga form that falls in alignment with it. However, if at any time in your practice you feel like changing your mind, you can shift from one yoga form to the other. You can also change if you have mastered the one.

What Is Yoga Alliance, USA?

While you could be practicing yoga really hard, but there is no point if you cannot teach yoga at the place you like. To eliminate the situation, the yoga alliance comes into play.

It is a non-profit organization that oversees the distribution of genuine and the true form of yoga across the nations. Thus, it falls on the shoulders of the yoga alliance to keep in check that all the certified yoga schools are following a single set of rules. Thus, it promotes the international standards of yoga that ensures that everyone is falling under the same decorum.

When you enroll in the yoga alliance certified yoga instructor course, you can rest assured to learn the best-in-class yoga from expert, experienced, certified, and knowledgeable yoga teachers. Moreover, schools registered with the yoga alliance need to follow the basic rules that ensure that yoga practitioners never suffer while practicing yoga.

Once your yoga instructor course is complete, you become a member of the yoga alliance. Thus, you get free access to the ancient knowledge of yoga stored at various online directories, so that, you can access them anytime you want.

In case you want to become a yoga instructor, you get the extra benefit of getting a genuine clientele for you. You are also among the top yoga instructors listed by the yoga alliance on their online web portals that help you have a great start to your yogic journey.

Benefits Of The Yoga Alliance Certification

There is no stop when it comes to how getting registered with the yoga alliance can help you. However, rookie yoga practitioners might feel confused when it comes to getting their first yoga certification course. So, it becomes highly important to know why you should choose the yoga alliance certification over any other certification.

Listed Online

Being a member of the yoga alliance, your profile is created on social networking and other online directories. When you enter a virtual world, your visibility increases and people across time and space come to know about you. Therefore, it helps you attract more potential clients towards you.

Increased Credibility

When you put genuine efforts into your yoga practice, you become a symbol of trust and hard work. Similarly, the yoga alliance has become a symbol of authentic yoga in the world of yoga. Therefore, when you complete your yoga instructor course from the yoga alliance, you have the favor of being a part of the larger organization, making you a trust-worthy source to learn yoga.

Perks & Discounts

A different kind of happiness and a sense of pride emerges when people respect you and shower you with love. Thus, when you become a certified yoga instructor, you enjoy various perks and discounts. That varies according to the situation, however, it includes insurance, legal counseling, and much more.

Being a member also shower you with favors that might include various travel opportunities, or having a partnership with other yoga clothing, accessories, and much more. Thus, it helps you to come into the limelight, increasing your face value.

Access To Resources

Though you get access to various online directories when you become the yoga alliance certified yoga instructor, however, various other resources are available for yoga teachers, practitioners, and yoga schools. With the help of these, you can read the newly published material on yoga, get your hands on the research papers to back up your knowledge with scientific facts, and much more.

Yoga Community

Upon the completion of your yoga instructor course, you are not only becoming a part of the yoga alliance but also get in the circle of the larger yoga community. Therefore, you come in contact with people from around the world, increasing your connection. It further gives you space where you can share your stories or experiences.

Different Types Of Yoga Instructor Course

Considering the diversity in the world, there is no single yoga instructor course that can fulfill the desires of each and every individual. Therefore, to keep the needs of the masses in check, there are three basic yoga instructor courses in which you can enroll if you fulfill the basic requirements.

RYT 200

Also called 200 hour yoga teacher training, it is the most basic yoga course that is a perfect start for novice yoga practitioners. There is no hard or fast rule that the course is only suitable for beginners. Those who already have some basic knowledge can enroll in RYT 200 as a yoga instructor course.

RYT 300

Yoga practitioners having intermediate knowledge of yoga have the option to directly enroll in 300 hour yoga teacher training course. However, please note that many yoga schools prefer that you need to have 200 hour YTT course before enrolling in the RYT 300.

When you enroll in the RYT 300, you get to know about different levels of difficulty of yoga practice, human physiology, body mechanisms, body placements, that move you towards becoming a certified yoga teacher.

RYT 500

500 hour yoga teacher training is the most advanced yoga instructor course that is perfect to become a master of yoga. Moreover, it is a go-to option for those who want to open yoga academies or yoga school.

Talking about the level of yoga practice, it is the hardest yoga course that you can enroll in. Moreover, you get in-depth knowledge about various elements of yoga, that help you to become a wholesome yoga trainer.

How Yoga Instructor Course Makes You Yoga Teacher?

To become a certified yoga teacher, you need to join a yoga instructor course. Therefore, they walk hand in hand with one another. You might be wondering how enrolling in some courses can lead you to be a teacher. Therefore, the following things can clear off your confusion regarding the same. Keep reading.

Providing Knowledge

To become a certified yoga teacher, you should be having adequate knowledge about everything related to yoga. When you enroll in a yoga instructor course, you dive into the world of yoga, learning it from the very basic.

Hence, when your course is completed, you witness a growth in your knowledge that proves beneficial for you when you start your career. Looking from a student’s point of view, a yoga teacher with abundant knowledge is a go-to option that any yoga practitioner would like to go to.

Learning New Skills

There is no doubt that practicing yoga alone can help you learn some things on your own. However, a yoga instructor course provides you a manual that helps you become a master in each dimension, be it the physical or mental.

Moreover, you learn new ways to approach difficult yoga poses or meditation techniques. In turn, you learn to tap into the deepest corners of your mind. Having an arsenal full of helpful skills puts you a step forward in your career as a yoga teacher.

Giving You Exposure

You grow differently when you practice yoga with people who help you become a better version of yourself. You observe things going around while practicing yoga. Further, you grasp different things that catch your attention or that help you to become better.

Enrolling in a yoga instructor course provides you a platform where you get exposure to new techniques or practices to enhance your yoga practice.

Mastering A Yoga Form

When you enroll in a yoga instructor course, you don’t practice bit and pieces of every form of yoga. That won’t do any good. Rather you have to start with a particular form of yoga before enrolling in the course.

When you do so, you go to the possible depth of the yoga form that you have chosen. In time, you become a master of that form, providing you with a good starting base if you are looking to shift from one form to the other.

Is Enrolling In A Yoga Instructor Course Worth It?

Though the answer is a big YES yet for the majority of yoga practitioners, the answer could be subjective. So, it depends on your goal whether enrolling in a yoga instructor course is worth it or not. However, based on different perspectives and situations given below, you can justify whether you should join the course or not.

To Start Yoga Practice

The relevancy of joining a yoga instructor course depends on whether you want to start your yogic journey. For yoga beginners, the answer is yes, they need to enroll in a yoga course. Moreover, there is a yoga course for every level of difficulty. So, it is worth it to invest in a yoga instructor course.

To Enhance Knowledge

There is no point in life when you feel like you have attained enough knowledge that you don’t want to learn more. Thus, you are always growing, thriving to grasp more and more about the things that you don’t know about.

So, if you want to enhance your yoga knowledge, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to grab. More than that, you can learn about different forms of yoga, or can work on different dimensions of your being.

To Get Back On Track

There are times when you are at the peak of your physique, career, or anything you were a master of. With time, you will lose your hold and might start falling short of what you have expected. It results in facing some consequences that hinder your growth.

Moreover, you might have some injury, forcing a stop to your yoga journey. Joining a yoga instructor course can help you get back on track, so that, you feel connected to yourself again. Practicing yoga moves you to the old path gradually without pushing too hard. Thus, you have an easy way out of your current condition.

To Make A Living

People practice yoga differently for different reasons. So, if you one of those who practicing yoga to become a yoga instructor, so that, you can make it a profession, you need to enroll in a yoga instructor course.

However, you need to keep it in your mind that you need to be diligent enough to make it to the surface. Every year, thousands of yoga practitioners walk on the path to be a venerable yoga instructor. However, only a few pack it what it takes to be one with everything one can ask for.


Practicing yoga can sometimes become a tiring task, therefore, you need to realize that you shouldn’t rush things. Moreover, joining a yoga instructor course enrich not just your yogic life but every phase of your life.

Every yoga practitioner knows the value that is added to their overall well-being. Thus, you become a calm and peaceful being with a pure heart and soul.

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Ques 1) Is it hard to become a yoga teacher?

Ans) Yes! It is hard. That is why not everyone want to pursue this field. The amount of dedication and hard work that you need to become a certified yoga teacher cannot be handled by all. Moreover, you need to dedicate many years to master the art of yoga.

Ques 2) How long do you have to do yoga to see results?

Ans) It depends on how fast or slow a body responds. If your body responds fast and have low resting period, you can progress pretty fast. However, on the other hand, if you need more time to rest, then your progress is going to slow down. Further, how much time and effort do you put in also decides your progress. Consistency is the key to have success.

Ques 3) Can I make a living as a yoga instructor?

Ans) Yes! You can make a living as a yoga instructor. For that, you need to have a worldwide recognized yoga certification. Further, you can provide private yoga classes to those who feel shy or are not comfortable to practicing yoga in a yoga class. Moreover, you can even open a yoga school.