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gentle yoga for beginners

Ease Your Stress With Gentle Yoga for Beginners

Fatigue has seeped so deep into contemporary life that it has become a new normal. Whether you feel physically tired or mentally restless, having a moment of relaxation is becoming rarer day by day. Therefore, it becomes utterly important to incorporate yoga practise into your everyday life. Hence, you can practice gentle yoga for beginners to calm your mind and body.

What is Gentle Yoga?

As the name suggests, gentle yoga allows the practitioner to form his or her sequence of beginners’ yoga asanas where they can practice a slow and rhythmic form.

Yin yoga or Restorative yoga could be termed a type of gentle yoga for beginners since these forms are gentle on your body, and works on deep muscle tissues, ligaments, and tendons.

Is Gentle Yoga for Beginners?

If you are among beginners, getting started with your practice with gentle yoga can be a perfect option for you. With its slow-moving postures, you learn to be mindful, so that, you can gain maximum benefits safely and effectively.

You can also join a beginners class if you desire to dive deeper into the world of gentle yoga. For that matter, you can enrol in a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

A Sequence of Gentle Yoga for Beginners

When you start something, always seek to learn the basics first. It is only on the foundation of a solid base that your yogic journey can stand tall. Various poses of gentle yoga comprise a mixture of seated, standing, or reclining postures to give your body a sense of balance.

Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose

To begin with, stand with your feet a few inches apart with your arms by your side. However, engage every muscle of your body. Push your chest out and drive your shoulder blades to the back. It is a perfect pose for beginners to link with their bodies.

You might feel that you are just standing there, however, you become mindful of the way your muscles function under pressure, your mind-muscle connection improves, and much more.

Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend

From standing tall, slowly bend forward while keeping your legs straight. As beginners, you might not be able to go all the way down. Therefore, you shouldn’t push on the very first day. It improves your hamstring flexibility, stretches your hips, and decompress your spine.

Child’s Pose

Child's Pose

To begin with, get on your all fours. Make sure that your hands are under your shoulders, and your hips are just above your knees. Slowly place your hips on top of your calves and feet without lifting your hands off the ground.
The extended position of your arms stretches your shoulders, upper back, and core muscles.

Cat-Cow Pose

Cat-Cow Pose

Start by getting on your all fours, and your spine in a neutral position. Push your tailbone and upper back towards the ceiling by pushing your shoulder blades away from each other. When you exhale, hinge your hips a bit to form a curve in your back, and push your shoulders away from your ears.

It stretches your entire spine, along with shoulder muscles. Therefore, the range of motion of your shoulder and hips joints.

Bound-Angle Pose

Bound-Angle Pose

Sit with your legs fully extended in front of you, and keep your back straight. Gently fold your legs to the point that the soul of your feet touches each other. Hold your feet with your hands, so that, the contact is intact.

Slowly lean forward towards your feet while keeping your back straight. You feel a burning sensation in your hips, inner thighs, and lower back.

Various poses of gentle yoga for beginners might seem very inactive. However, such poses work on a deeper level to provide you with lifelong benefits. The slow pace of gentle yoga helps beginners to get in touch with their bodies, target the focused areas, and consciously relax their bodies.

With practice, you learn to listen to the needs of your body and gain a healthy body and a fit mind.

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Q1) How often should a beginner do yoga?

Beginners in yoga should go slow and steady first but, even if you only practise for one hour a week, you will experience the benefits of the practice.

Q2) Is gentle yoga good for beginners?

Yes. Gentle yoga can be practised by absolute beginners to yoga. It makes your body move in a gentle and comfortable manner as it encourages body movement without the potential of strain.

Q3) Is yoga difficult for beginners?

Yes. Yoga can be difficult for beginners if you are looking at the physical aspects, but eventually, you will get a hang of it and will start loving it if practice it on a daily basis.