Spirit of Yoga : Laws Governing the Yogic World
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Spirit of Yoga

Spirit of Yoga: Laws Governing the Yogic World

The ancient art of yoga has a deep significance and meaning attached to it. However, not every person is aware of the spirit of yoga that governs the yogic world. Having awareness of the laws of the spirit of yoga, you get familiar with the depth of yoga and its practices. Also, it helps you interpret the meaning of various mantras and techniques of yoga.

Every yoga practitioner should be conscious of the spirit of yoga and inculcate the law of yoga into their practice. So, without further ado, let us break into different laws of the spirit of yoga. Read on.

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Laws of the Spirit of Yoga


The essence of the art of yoga is purity. Furthermore, the spirit of yoga raises your consciousness to ensure you get in touch with the infinite power source. Hence, you slowly move from the physical to the spiritual world.

Also, you become aware of how you are a part of the higher consciousness. Thus, you become creative and learn to unleash the creative abundance inside you.

Law of Karma

In the yogic world, Karma plays a crucial role. It signifies that whatever you give to the world, returns to you. Hence, your actions come back to you in one form or the other. In the spirit of yoga, it talks in terms of energy exchange whenever you take any action.

Thus, you should choose an action that brings forth happiness and comfort to your soul and the people around you. It lies on you what fruit you receive because of Karma.

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Intention & Desire

One of the most important laws of the spirit of yoga is your intentions and desires. It talks about what is the set of mechanics that you adopt towards the fulfilment of your desires and goals. Having intentions with a pure mind is what yoga helps you with.

With purity of soul, you walk the path of manifestation that brings you closer to your set desires.

Give & Receive

In the yogic world, giving and receiving have a rather deeper meaning. This signifies an exchange of energy between different entities. The Universe around us is an ever-changing entity that is dynamic as well as constant in nature.

Getting aligned with the spiritual Universe helps you receive abundance, love, and prosperity. Thus, incorporating the spiritual laws into your life helps in the easy exchange of energies in your life.

Least Efforts

As per the spiritual laws, the least efforts offer the least resistance in the manifestation of your goals, intentions, and desires. Therefore, make sure your efforts are backed by love and pure intentions. Hence, you confront the least resistance.

The laws of the spirit of yoga help you tap into the infinite abundance of the Universe. Over time, being in this state helps you achieve everything without any hassle.


Spiritually, everything unfolds and unravels naturally without any resistance and effort. However, when you attach yourself to people, situations, or material things, then it becomes difficult for you to move on.

In that case, you should practice one of the most important laws of the spirit of yoga. That is detachment. It helps you stay at a safer distance from other entities so that it does not create any hindrance in your life.


According to the spirit of yoga, Dharma denotes your purpose in life. Every living being has a set purpose in life that he or she needs to fulfil. However, when you are too much engaged with the materialistic world, you tend to forget it.

Hence, practising yoga and its numerous techniques help you get in touch with your true core. Over time, it becomes easier for you to remember what your Dharma is. This helps you experience unlimited love and abundance as you walk the path of yogis.

Sum Up

The spirit of yoga lies in its essence. Apart from the physical aspects of yoga, various other spiritual laws help you uncover the true soul of yoga. However, you should learn from yoga masters how to practice yoga and inculcate it in your life.

Practising yoga under the guidance of spiritual gurus helps you master the basics of yoga. Thus, you follow the laws of yoga effortlessly and move into a new dimension.