How to Find the Best 200 YTT in Yoga? How Long is RYT 200?
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200 YTT in yoga

How to Find the Best 200 YTT in Yoga? How Long is RYT 200?

200 YTT can also be known as 200hour yoga teacher training. Therefore, when you think about 200 YTT in yoga, that means you are talking about the basic yoga course. Also, with such a drastic explosion in yoga practitioners, there is the emergence of yoga schools at every corner. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to know where to join.

Therefore, to assist you to choose the best 200 YTT in yoga, you can check the below checkpoints. Keep reading.

Important Checkpoints to Find the Best 200 YTT in Yoga

Location of the School

Location of the School

One of the most important elements of 200 YTT in yoga is the environment. Therefore, make sure you choose a serene, beautiful, and peaceful location. Hence, you need to double-check the location before joining the course.

Yoga Certification

Yoga Certification

Another important thing you must check is the certification. You don’t want to stick in a single place while practicing yoga. Hence, make sure you enroll in the Yoga Alliance certification course. Only then you will be able to teach yoga in different parts of the world if you ever wish to move.

Certified Yoga Teachers

Learning under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced teachers can completely change your experience. Thus, when you look for the best 200 YTT in yoga, learn about who is going to be your teacher. Run a background check on your teachers to learn which yoga certifications they have done.

Familiarity With Yoga Practices

200 YTT in yoga introduces you to the basic yoga exercises and techniques. That is not what you need to look out for. Rather, ask around from the old students about the approach. Try to gather information about how much time they spend on each yoga technique. This will give you an idea of how effectively you can learn yoga.

Budget of the Course

Another chief element you must look out for in 200 YTT in yoga is the budget. Hence, you must know where your money is going. Learn about various facilities the school is providing you in the fees. Hence, you must know how much money is worth spending on a yoga course.

How Long is RYT 200?

RYT also signifies Registered Yoga Teacher is a certification that you get on the completion of your yoga course. RYT 200 is accredited to yoga practitioners who have completed their 200 YTT in yoga.

Before knowing how long RYT 200 is, you should know what does it contains. The following are some of the major elements from countless things of RYT 200. Read on.

Different Yoga Asanas

As a beginner, you get familiar with different yoga poses. This gives you an idea of how to move your body for better physical performance.

Introductory Lectures on Meditation
Introductory Lectures on Meditation
Young woman meditating by the lake

This helps you get acquainted with meditation. Hence, you learn how to control your mind and relax it. Moreover, you learn to control your urges or desires.

Pranayama Exercises

It helps you fill your body with never-ending prana energy. The aim is to help you breathe naturally and deeply.

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology Classes

One of the major elements of RYT 200, it helps you get familiar with your body in a perfect manner. Hence, it helps you have a close relationship with your body and its other elements.

Using Yoga Props

You must avoid rushing your body. Thus, you must use various yoga props to have an easy yoga practice.

Duration of RYT 200

YTT 200 in yoga lasts for 28 days. The total number of hours you spend there is 200. These are allocated differently for practical as well as theoretical sessions.

Hence, 200 YTT in yoga is perfect for you if you are a beginner and want to learn yoga. Thus, make sure you learn about everything before taking the plunge into the world of yoga.