Fly Like A Butterfly With Aerial Yoga | Aerial Yoga Butterfly Pose
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Fly Like A Butterfly With Aerial Yoga

Fly Like A Butterfly With Aerial Yoga

Have you ever thought about flying? How about doing some sort of physical exercise where you feel light like a feather? If everything said earlier makes you curious enough, aerial yoga could be a go-to option for you.

What is Aerial Yoga?

When you visit a yoga centre that provides aerial yoga, you witness a silky sling-like hammock hanging from a ceiling. Yoga practitioners get inside that hanging cloth that can hold up to 1000 kg of weight.

The aim is to manoeuvre the fabric such that you can get support while performing different sorts of yoga poses. It might look easy but when you hover in the air, wrapped in a silk cloth, you need to master your core strength to give direction to your practice.

What differentiates aerial yoga from other forms of conventional yoga forms is the ability to remain in the air while never compromising with your yoga practice. Thus, even if you lack the strength to stand on your feet, you are eligible to pull out basic poses while practising aerial yoga.

Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

Core Strength

When you practice aerial yoga, you lose your sense of stability when you take off in the silk hammock. Without even having the slightest realization, you end up twisting and turning your core to gain control of your body.

Therefore, you end up using your core muscles that automatically improves your core strength. Thus, you end up doing the best abs workout without putting much stress on your back or neck muscles.

Fewer Skills Needed

When you practice traditional yoga, you need to have a perfect base, so that, you can pull out basic yoga poses without any discomfort. However, aerial yoga is quite different in this approach. A recent study by ACE has made it very clear that anyone can practice it.

Not just that, people who have not even stepped on a yoga mat once in their life can practice aerial yoga. So, to expand it further, you can say that the requirement of skills needed is the bare minimum.

Cardio Cum Yoga Practice

Though many forms of yoga are so intense that you can replace your cardio session with them. But the problem that you might face while practising those is that your body goes through a lot of tension and pressure.

However, when you practice aerial yoga, you are not touching the ground. That is, you can perform complex yoga poses without any rest that automatically raises your heartbeat. Thus, your VO2 max is enhanced with regular yoga practice.

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Little To No Pressure

In the contemporary lifestyle, many suffer from various health issues that put a lot of pressure on their joints. Thus, practising or performing any other physical exercise might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Aerial yoga is a perfect option for people facing any minor or major health issues. Therefore, while practising it, you feel relaxed and light. There is no pressure on your joints that makes the movements slide like butter.

Decompresses Spine

You are no stranger to the role your spine has to play while practising yoga. Not just yoga, but any movement, no matter how trivial it is, the spine is the first thing that you have to engage to execute that. Practising any conventional yoga form makes abundant use of the back muscles, much more stress on it.

But when you practice aerial yoga, you witness the decompressing effect it has on your back muscles, in particular, the spine. It helps in the removal of any stress or pressure accumulated in your spine.


When you seek a yoga practice that not only is easy but also equally effective, aerial yoga is at your service. Once you give it a try, you will never look back to the traditional approach of yoga.

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Ques 1) Is aerial yoga good for beginners?

Ans) Yes! Beginners can practice this form of yoga. However, they need to practice it in the presence of a certified yoga instructor so that injuries or accidents can be avoided. Further, beginners need to consider that they should prepare their bodies before pushing them hard.

Ques 2) What is aerial yoga good for?

Ans) It is perfect if you find it hard to move your body around. Moreover, yoga practitioners who have any pain can also practice this form of yoga since it provides free movement of their bodies. Also, it removes any excessive pressure from different joints and makes the yoga session unique and interesting.

Ques 3) Does Yoga hurt at first?

Ans) There will be muscle soreness after an intense yoga session. However, that is quite normal that occurs because of stretching muscles. The muscle soreness resides after proper rest and warming up of the body. Moreover, you can make a routine that includes rest in-between days for better results.