Yoga Poses to Reduce Wrinkles on Face–Say Goodbye to Early Aging
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yoga to reduce wrinkles

Yoga Poses to Reduce Wrinkles on Face – Say Goodbye to Early Aging

With a hectic daily life and unhealthy diet also come early signs of aging. Your body starts to develop dark spots under the eyes, loose facial skin, and wrinkles that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Searching for expensive medical procedures or cosmetic products is the first thing you normally do. It is time you should try the different yoga poses to reduce wrinkles on the face and save the skin from early aging.

You should rather invest some time and dedication into practicing yoga to keep the face completely free of wrinkles. Yoga offers a proven way to slow down the aging process without having to undergo expensive medical procedures or use chemical-based cosmetic products. You might have heard of the term known simply as Face Yoga, it is time to understand in detail what this term exactly means.

Face Yoga to the Rescue

Face Yoga includes a series of facial exercises that stimulate the facial muscles, tightens the skin around the face, and reduce signs of aging. It helps increase blood circulation to the facial skin that reduces the symptoms of early aging.

Facial yoga has different yoga poses to reduce wrinkles on the face that have to face stress from different facial expressions throughout the day. Keeping the muscles engaged helps keep the face fresh and rejuvenated.

Now it is time to find out about the different yoga poses to help you take care of wrinkles on the face.

Yoga Poses to Reduce Wrinkles on Face

Given below are some easy to perform yoga exercises to tackle signs of early aging from your face.

1. The Forehead Smoother

Forehead Smoother is the best yoga poses to reduce wrinkles on the face that uses acupressure to removes tension from the key points on the forehead. It is highly effective in taking care of the wrinkle lines and smooth down any persistent forehead lines.

The Forehead Smoother

How to Perform the Forehead Smoother

1) Make fists with both hands and place them on your forehead.

2) Now, apply some pressure using the middle and index finger knuckles.

3) Make sure to maintain the pressure along with slowly sliding the fists to both sides of the forehead.

4) Stop at the temples and gently apply more pressure.

5) Relax and repeat the exercise at least four times.

2. Manual Face Lift

Although smiling is the best medicine, but too much of it is never a good thing. The Manual Face Lift is highly effective when it comes to having smooth nasolabial folds, which are the smile lines. It promotes circulation to the face and gets a good complexion.

Manual Face Lift

Guidelines for Performing the Manual Face Lift

1) Place both palms on the temples of your forehead.

2) Slowly push your palms up and back to lift the side of your face.

3) Next, make an O-shape with your mouth and drop the jaw.

4) Hold the position for 5 seconds and then relax.

3. All-Over Face Firmer

The All-Over Face Firmer is one of the advanced yoga poses to reduce wrinkles on the face that works on the entire face. It defines, tones, and activates both cheeks as well as lower areas of the face. You might experience a little burning feeling in the corners of the mouth and cheeks while doing this yoga pose to get a wrinkle-free face.

All-Over Face Firmer

How to Perform the All-Over Face Firmer

1) Firstly, make an O with your mouth and fold both lips over the teeth.

2) Now, smile with the corners of your mouth.

3) Place the fingers on the cheek and apply firm pressure.

4) Close your eyes and pull the chin away from the face.

5) Hold this position for 20 seconds and then repeat the process.

4. Giraffe Neck

As the skin around the neck is a bit thinner, your neck is the first place where signs of aging become clearly visible. By stretching the Platysma muscle in your neck daily you can firm up the natural looseness of the Decotellage and smooth the jawline as well as the mouth area.

Giraffe Neck

Steps to Perform the Giraffe Neck

1) Place both fingers on the collar bone.

2) Tilt your head backward and tightly pucker both lips.

3) Since your head is tilted back, jut out the lower lip and place both fingers on the collarbone.

4) Next, bring the head back to the chest and repeat the process.

5) Make sure you hold the position for at least four breaths.

5. The Jaw Stretch

With a tight jawline, you can easily prevent fine lines and remove any unwanted fat from the jaw.

The Jaw Stretch

How to Perform the Jaw Stretch

1) Pucker both lips to one side until you feel a stretch in the cheeks.

2) Turn your head to the same side and lift it at a 45 degrees angle.

3) Hold this position for at least 3 seconds to feel the same stretch in the neck.

4) Relax and repeat the process on the other side.

The Conclusion

Aging can make the skin on your face looser or develop wrinkle lines. The regular practice of yoga poses to reduce wrinkles on the face does a lot when it comes to handling these issues. All you need is some time and dedication to doing all the poses using the right techniques.

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