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Improve Your Flexibility

Complete List Of Yoga Asanas To Improve Your Flexibility

You might have come across individuals who possess natural flexibility in their bodies. You wonder what they do to get so ‘elastic like’ and search endlessly online to get the answers. What you do not search for is the list of yoga asanas these individuals might be practising behind the scenes. Research has shown how daily yoga practice improves your overall level of flexibility.

Yoga has been a part of the world’s culture for centuries. This ancient art has helped millions around the world enjoy good mental and physical health. Luckily, yoga has numerous yoga asanas that help you develop a level of flexibility and loosen the tightened muscles and joints. You just need to find the right yoga asanas to achieve this aim.

Keeping the last statement in mind, yoga experts have compiled a list of yoga asanas to help you develop flexibility.

List Of Yoga Asanas To Improve Flexibility

Although some people are more flexible in comparison to others, it does not means you cannot be. The only question is – How hard are you willing to work to achieve it? Fortunately, there is a list of yoga asanas that can help you on this journey to improving your flexibility.

Taking into consideration the last statement, yoga experts have compiled a list of yoga asanas to help you do that.

1. Eagle Pose

The best yoga asana to provide your shoulders with a good stretch.

Eagle Pose

Steps To Practice Eagle Pose

  • Start by standing or sitting on the yoga mat in a comfortable position.
  • Bring both your arms into a goal post position. Form a 90-degree angle on both sides.
  • Keep your elbows in line with your shoulders.
  • Bring your arms in towards each other and keep your right arm behind the left arm.
  • Wrap your left arm as much as you can around the right arm. Try to touch the inside of your right hand.
  • Squeeze your arms in towards each other and bring them to shoulder level.
  • Note: Yoga experts recommend you should sit in a comfortable position or stand while doing this yoga pose.

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2. Bow Pose

If you sit and work at a desk all day, Bow Pose is the best on this list of yoga asanas to retain your body’s natural flexibility. It pulls everything back and strengthens your neck.

Bow Pose

Steps To Bow Pose

  • Start by lying down on your stomach with both hands by your side and palms facing up.
  • Bend your knees and bring your heels as close to your butt as you are comfortable with.
  • Inhale and reach backwards with your hands and hold onto your ankles.
  • On the next inhale, lift your thighs off the floor and pull your heels away from your butt.

Note: Bow Pose is an excellent yoga asana that stretches your upper body and improves your body posture.

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3. Cobra Pose

An intermediate backbend yoga asana that is suitable for yoga beginners and improves the flexibility of your shoulders.

Cobra Pose

Steps To Practice Cobra Pose

  • Start by keeping your belly on the yoga mat. Keep your forehead down and hands underneath your shoulders.
  • Spread your legs out and behind you. Keep inner hip-width distance apart and the top of your feet flat on the ground.
  • Inhale deeply. On the next inhale, push with your hands while lifting your chest.
  • Push through your pelvis, legs, and feet to keep them on the ground. Distribute your weight equally on the mat.

Note: Yoga experts recommend that you should not overdo the backbend as that can strain your back.

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4. Legs Up The Wall

The gentle yoga asana provides you with an overwhelming sense of calm throughout the entire body.

Legs Up The Wall

Steps To Practice Legs Up The Wall

  • Lie down on the mat and as close as you can parallel to the wall. Keep your left hip perpendicular to it.
  • Lift your legs up and slide them onto the wall.
  • Try bringing your legs as close as possible and flex your feet.
  • Relax your top body and place your arms by your sides,
  • Flex your feet during this pose and push through your heels.
  • Take a deep inhale and exhale. Hold this position for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Bend your knees and slowly slide off your feet off the wall.

Note: This yoga asana comes at the top of the list of yoga asanas that improve your hamstring flexibility.


Do you want to develop a good level of flexibility? Make sure you practice this list of yoga asanas to relax your body and develop more elasticity.

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