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How Can You Get The Highest Yoga Certification

How Can You Get The Highest Yoga Certification

Do you want to become a world-renowned yoga master? Yes? Great! For that, you need to earn the highest yoga certification. What you need to complete is a 500 hour YTT course. However, there is one catch. To earn the highest yoga certification, you need to start from the basics.

What do you mean by basics? It means that you have to go through 200 hours and 300 hour yoga teacher training courses to earn a 500 hour yoga teacher training certification. Read the following to get a brief idea about both the courses.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

It is the first step towards earning the highest yoga certification. 200 hour YTT course provides basic knowledge of yoga that concerns yoga poses, meditation techniques, breathing exercises, yoga philosophy, body alignment, and much more.

More emphasis is paid on how a beginner can start practicing yoga. You go through all the basic concepts of yogic practices that ensure you have a perfect start to your yogic journey.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

It is time to upgrade your knowledge. This is a perfect yoga course if you have completed 200 hour YTT course. Even if you have been practicing yoga for a while, you can join this course.

It is an intermediate course that helps you update your yoga knowledge. You learn about various yoga sequences that help you move a step closer to earning the 500 hour yoga certification. Further, you get to learn teaching methodology, advanced yoga poses, meditation techniques, and much more.

The Highest Yoga Certification: 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

This is the 500 hour YTT course that you can join to become a great yoga master. It is a perfect yoga course that helps you master your body and mind to connect with your higher self. Thus, you form a stronger connection with your spiritual self.

Moreover, you also learn to form a strong mind-muscle connection when you practice Bandhas. Hence, you walk closer to attaining mastery over your physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

How To Earn The Highest Yoga Certification

Choose Yoga Style

To earn the highest yoga certification, you need to decide which yoga form you want to master. You can choose any yoga style from Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Hatha yoga, and much more.

You are going to practice the yoga style you choose when you join the 500 hour YTT course. Thus, you must choose the yoga forms according to the goal you have in your mind.

Find Registered Yoga School

Many yoga schools provide 500 hour yoga teacher training. However, you need to keep in mind that you have to choose a registered yoga school. Hence, choosing a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school can be of great benefit to you.

Moreover, joining a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school ensures you get all the facilities for a perfect yoga journey.

Enroll In The Highest Yoga Certification Course

Once you have chosen a registered yoga school, you are ready to enroll in the 500 hour yoga certification. Thus, joining a 500 hour YTT course will be the next step towards becoming a yoga master.

Attend all your classes. Spend your on-mat and off-mat time wisely. Make sure you fulfill all the basic requirements of earning the yoga certification. When you keep everything in mind, you become eligible to become RYT 500.

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Apply For Yoga Certification

Once your yoga course is complete, you need to apply for your highest yoga certification. Thus, you have to apply to the Yoga Alliance for your certificate. Further, you are going to be listed in the online directories by the Yoga Alliance.

Summing Up

You can follow the above-mentioned steps to earn the 500 hour yoga certification. Once you become a 500 hour YTT certified, you become eligible to teach yoga worldwide.