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Best Yoga Poses for Male Fertility [Starters Guide]

Infertility in men is one of the biggest reasons that stress them out and at times, it also causes a rift between the couple. Moreover, male infertility can even lead one to mental problems. Some e

yoga for irritable bowel syndrome

5 Best Poses of Yoga for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Having a throbbing pain in the stomach could be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome. When it happens, working out is nearly impossible. So, you might have to leave the matter to the medical professiona

Improve Body Flexibility with the Camel Pose

Yoga has many asanas and techniques to help you enjoy good mental and physical health. There is Forward Bending, Warrior, and Triangle pose among others. But it is the Camel pose that stands out from
Beginner yoga stretche

Yoga Bridge Pose – The Yogic Secret For Improved Flexibility

Yoga has many poses and movements to help you enjoy good mental and physical health. There is Bow, Easy, Crow, Cobra, and Plough pose among others. It is Yoga Bridge Pose that wins the race. Do you
Childrens Yoga

Let Your Little One Enjoy Good Health With Children’s Yoga

In today's competitive environment, it's hard to be a kid. Even as a kid, your little one has to face many temptations and peer pressure. This makes it harder for your kid to cope with the mounting pr

Comprehensive Guide to Bow Pose

The bow pose, also known as Dhanurasana is an intermediate-level yoga asana. In this yoga asana, you lie down on a yoga mat or floor and perform a backbend. The word Dhanurasana is br
Bound Angle Pose

Yoga Beginner’s Guide to Bound Angle Pose

Ever heard of Bhadrasana? It is known as the posture of the throne. However, in the yogic texts, Bhadrasana is also known as Baddha Konasana or the Bound Angle pose. The word Baddha means bound and Ko
boat pose yoga

The Yogi’s Guide to Boat Pose

Known in the Sanskrit language as Paripurna Navasana, the boat pose is an intermediate-level yoga asana that you can do in a seated or supine position. The word Paripurna means complete and Nava means
Bharadvaja's Twist pose

Bharadvaja’s Twist Pose – Best Yoga Asana Sequence For Your Spine

Named after the famous ancient sage Bharadvaja who was the father of the great warrior Dronacharya, the Bharadvaja's twist improves the rotation ability of your spine. With daily practice, this yoga a
padangusthasana yoga pose

Yoga Beginner’s Guide To Padangusthasana Yoga Pose

Although the history and origins of yoga go back 5000 years, it is still relevant in today's stress-filled world. The health benefits have made it a global phenomenon, not to forget the numerous style