Tips For Yoga Instructors For Gentle Yoga Teacher Training
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Tips For Yoga Teachers For Gentle Yoga Teacher Training

Tips For Yoga Teachers For Gentle Yoga Teacher Training

Do you know what is gentle yoga teacher training? Have you ever practised gentle yoga? Be it traditional yoga or any other form of yoga, it becomes your priority to help yoga practitioners to have a perfect yoga practice.

However, before diving deeper into gentle yoga practice, have a brief reading about it. Scroll down to know more.

What is Gentle Yoga?

Gentle yoga is a form of restorative yoga that implies slower yogic movements, holding poses for a longer time, working on deep tissues, ligaments, and tendon strength and flexibility. Breathing plays an important role when you practice slow movements.

Moreover, gentle yoga teacher training ensures that you have the full impact of your yoga practice. Also, it makes you aware while you go through the whole process of yoga practice.

Tip For Enhanced Gentle Yoga Teacher Training

Understanding Expectations

Before starting gentle yoga teacher training, you need to determine your audience and need to know the meaning of ‘gentle’ for the particular audience. Since the meaning could be different for different people, therefore, you need to plan your class accordingly.

Keep in mind the structure of your yoga class, the flow of gentle yoga, the positioning of yoga practitioners, will they be standing or sitting. Moreover, you need to bear it in your mind whether the audience is looking for any therapeutic remedy from your yoga class.

Know What to Avoid

While students enrol in gentle yoga teacher training, you need to keep in mind how fast or slow the pace has to be, what should be the flow, and how to transit between the different yoga poses. There is a huge diversity when it comes to yoga practitioners, thus, you must keep an eye on them that no one is feeling any sort of discomfort in their practice.

You need to watch that you shouldn’t put too many yoga poses into a single yoga practice. It will create confusion in the minds of practitioners, affecting their yogic journey.

Confronting Common Concerns

Many don’t know what is gentle yoga or might have never joined gentle yoga teacher training. Thus, it becomes your duty to clear off any doubts you might be having in your mind. Since it is a slow yoga practice, people from all walks of life will be present in the class. Thus, the class should be processed in a way that everyone is tagged along.

In case, some feel discouraged because the pose is difficult to practice, you are free to use any sort of yoga props, so that, the difficulty level can be lessened.

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Keeping it Simple

Since it is your first gentle yoga teacher training, you might feel tempted to try new things. However, you need to curb your desires and focus more on your students, who too are beginners. Therefore, a simple yoga class helps newcomers to start their yogic practice from the very basic.

Moreover, the use of Sanskrit terminology can be very tiring sometimes, and many might not be able to understand the true meaning of the names you narrate. Thus, clarifying each and every name helps the students to grasp the newly attained yogic knowledge.

Rehearse Class Alone

Since you are a beginner, you need to plan the class prior to you delivering it. Also, the yoga poses that you are going to perform should be practised beforehand, so that, you get an idea about the structure and formation of the poses.

Moreover, you can also rehearse before taking the class. This way, you can have an insight into how difficult or easy the level of gentle yoga teacher training is.

Moments of Stillness

To enhance the significance of the slow yogic practice, you should include moments of stillness between the yoga poses. It provides a sense of relief to the practitioners and helps them to have some rest if needed.

Moreover, it keeps the practitioners engaged in the class, and never makes them feel pushed to practice poses.


Thus, you can keep the above-mentioned points in your mind to enhance the impact of gentle yoga teacher training. This is to ensure that the practitioners can have a long-lasting effect on them. 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India can be a perfect spot for you to kick off your gentle yoga practice.

Moreover, once you enrol and complete gentle yoga teacher training, you can always level up your practice by enrolling in some difficult form later on. Over time, with consistent practice, you become a master of yoga.

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How long is 200 hour yoga teacher training?

Ans) The 200 hour yoga teacher training course is 28 days long. Further, the 200 hours of the course are spread over the span of 28 days. Therefore, you need to spend the allotted time on every element to pass the 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

Ques 2) Is it too late to become a yoga instructor?

Ans) It is never too late to become a yoga instructor. There are people who enrol in a yoga teacher training program at the ripe age of 50, 60, and even 70. Hence, anyone at any age can become a yoga instructor. The only thing needed is that you must be diligent enough to complete and pass the yoga course.

Ques 3) Why are yoga instructors so skinny?

Ans) Yoga practitioners need to move their bodies in every possible direction. Further, they need to have an extended range of motion of their limbs and bones. Therefore, having a bulkier physique might become a burden while practising yoga or complex yoga poses. Thus, they limit their diet to remain lean but shredded throughout their career.