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Rishikesh: World Capital of Yoga

Rishikesh: World Capital of Yoga

Everyone talks about Rishikesh being the world capital of yoga. But have you ever thought about what makes it so? It is not like the Beatles, the famous band that visited Rishikesh in 1968 have done something stupendous to highlight this place.

Even before that, countless yogis and saints have been to Rishikesh to deeper their yoga practice or attain enlightenment. So to place it as a perfect place to practice yoga, you should know what are the reasons behind it.

The following given points are a few of the many things that place Rishikesh above all the places in the world to practice yoga. Read on.

What Makes Rishikesh A Perfect Place To Practice Yoga

What Makes Rishikesh A Perfect Place To Practice Yoga

True Essence Of Yoga

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word yoga? Isn’t it people stretching their guts out on a yoga mat? So, when the true essence of yoga comes into play, it goes way beyond the practice of mere yoga asanas.

Yoga is a spiritual practice that works towards your overall well-being. The incorporation of various meditation practices in your routine helps you to get back control of your mind. With the help of different breathing exercises, you learn to consciously relax your mind. Moreover, practising yoga also links to living a simple and healthy life.

Spiritual Connection

Yoga in the west is associated with the practice of yoga poses. It is like scratching the surface of yoga. Moreover, the practice of yoga poses only works on your physical dimension. However, when it comes to practising yoga in Rishikesh, it is linked with spirituality.

Numerous yoga practitioners have attained enlightenment through yoga practice in Rishikesh. Thus, the place itself is rich in spiritual energy with the presence of venerable yoga masters. Yoga practice in Rishikesh focuses on the union of mind, body, and soul.

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Reputed Yoga Gurus

No doubt that there are great yoga teachers present around the world. However, when it comes to Rishikesh, the yoga gurus have dedicated their whole lives to yoga practice. Moreover, many yoga sages have mastered their mind and bodies.

Reputed Yoga Gurus

Various yoga teachers who have been practising yoga for their entire lives even practice Brahmacharya. It is a practice of controlling your carnal energy or sexual energy. The aim is to raise the sexual energy towards your mind, so that, you connect with the higher being.

Hub For Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training

Since Rishikesh is so rich with spiritual energy and venerable yoga masters that people from around the world visit this place to practice yoga. It gives birth to some of the world-class yoga ashrams in India that attract millions of yoga practitioners.

Thus, no matter if you want to attend a few classes for personal growth or enroll in yoga teacher training, yoga practice in Rishikesh places too many options before you. Also, if you want to go on a yoga retreat, Rishikesh serves as the best option you can go with.

Nestled In Nature

Rishikesh is abundantly blessed with lush green surroundings, mountains, rivers, and a calm and peaceful locality. The local authorities have made every possible measure to ensure the natural beauty of the World Yoga Capital is intact.

Thus, whether you want to live in nature, practice yoga, go on trekking, do river rafting, explore the culture, or anything else, Rishikesh is a go-to option for you. Some yoga schools are located well off the city boundaries. It provides a perfect sanctuary to yoga practitioners who love the calm and peace of the woods.


Even if Rishikesh is located in the foothills of the Great Himalayas, it is fairly easy to reach there. Not just the local people but also the foreigners can access Rishikesh with great ease. Thus, it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists, yoga practitioners, and adventure seekers that make it one of its kind.


Ques 1) What is special about Rishikesh?

Ans) It is known as the world capital of yoga for a reason. Further, many people from international boundaries visit there to get in touch with their inner being. Moreover, practising yoga and getting to know the local people & culture is everyone experiences there. Thus, everything makes it special and different from the rest of the world.

Ques 2) Is Rishikesh the best place to practice yoga?

Ans) Yes! It is a perfect location for yoga practitioners from all over the world. The location speaks for itself, the mighty Himalayas looks over the place and gives it an authentic aura. Moreover, the river Ganges is there to energize you whenever you feel low. The place is richly abundant with spiritual energy.

Ques 3) Can you stay for free in Rishikesh?

Ans) Yes! There are many yoga ashrams that provide free stay and food to yoga practitioners. However, you need to meet certain requirements to get into those yoga ashrams. Most importantly, you need to help out them in cleaning or maintaining the yoga ashram. Moreover, you are going to act as a volunteer to offer your services in turn for a free stay.