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How To Become Certified Yoga Teacher In India

How To Become Certified Yoga Teacher In India

So, you are planning to get your name for the best yoga teacher in India? First of all, congratulations on choosing such a noble profession. Becoming a yoga trainer gives you the best chance to not just focus on personal yoga practice but also help others on this journey to self-realization.

As a yoga teacher, you gain the skills to help others adopt this ancient art as a new lifestyle. Thus, it helps them grow physically and mentally as an individual. You do not become the best trainer by simply helping students practice every yoga asana. It is when you possess in-depth knowledge of this sacred art that you truly become one.

With that said, let us look at how you can become the best yoga teacher in India.

Yoga Teacher in India – The Why

The first thing you need to be clear about when looking forward to becoming the top yoga trainer in India is having a reason. Knowing the reason behind doing a thing makes the process a bit smoother and easier.

Yoga Teacher in India

You need to have a deep conversation with yourself about why you want to become a yoga instructor. It might be you want to learn yoga beyond its physical aspect or want to help others improve their understanding of this sacred art.

Let us now look at the guidelines you must follow to become a recognized yoga teacher in India.

1. Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training Program

Every yoga school provides two types of programs for yoga teacher training namely.

Full-Time Course

Full-Time courses usually take place from 1 to 3 months. There are three different levels of YTT namely the beginner 200-hour, intermediate 300-hour, and advanced 500-hour. You have to arrange for accommodation at the yoga school for the duration of the course and classes usually go from morning to evening.

Part-Time Course

The part-time yoga teacher training in India does not require you to live at the yoga school. The classes usually go on from morning to mid-afternoon or from afternoon to evening. These courses are apt for individuals who cannot take out time from work but still want to become certified yoga trainers.

2. Your Budget

Before you decide to embark on the journey to becoming a yoga teacher in India you need to work out a budget. There are yoga training schools that provide the best course ranging from economical to luxury. You can also find the best yoga schools providing training at a much lower price.

3. Choose A Location

Although you can become the best yoga teacher in India as there are numerous options to learn about this spiritual art. Therefore, you should choose Rishikesh to kickstart the journey to becoming a yoga guru. Rishikesh is also the birthplace of yoga and it is here you learn yoga and know about its mental and spiritual aspects.

With that said, let us now focus on what you should look for in a yoga school in India.

Tips to Choose a Yoga School in India

Given below are two factors you should consider when looking for a yoga school in India.

1. Body Alignment and Asana

Body alignment and asana are two important factors to consider when you want to become a yoga trainer in India. As a certified yoga teacher, you should have complete knowledge of not just yoga asanas but also how a student can practice a difficult yoga pose without risking an injury.

2. Teaching Methodology

In yoga teaching methodology you get to learn about designing a yoga class from start to end. Learning to design a class as per the student’s comfort is an important aspect of the yoga teacher training which you should know about.


Thus, to become a yoga teacher in India you don’t just need knowledge of the physical aspects but also the mental and spiritual aspects of this sacred art.


Ques 1) What qualifications do you need to be a yoga instructor?

Ans) You need a yoga teacher training certification. For that, you can enroll in either 300 hours or 500 hours YTT course. These two yoga courses are perfect if you want to become a yoga instructor. Moreover, you become familiar with various yogic practices that are going to help you have in-depth knowledge about different elements of yoga.

Ques 2) Can you make a living as a yoga teacher?

Ans) To make a living as a yoga teacher, you need to have a yoga certification. Further, to earn money, you must join a yoga school. Moreover, you can give private yoga lessons to yoga aspirants. Also, you can join hands with yoga apparel brands to promote their clothing and other yoga material.

Ques 3) Is it hard to become a yoga teacher?

Ans) It might be hard for extreme beginners. However, anyone can join a yoga course and become a yoga professional. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to complete all the prerequisites or minimum qualifications. Further, ensure you attend all the extra classes to cover up what you were not able to grasp.