Guided Meditation For Anxiety, Stress and Panic Relief
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Guided Meditation For Anxiety, Stress, and Panic Relief

Guided Meditation For Anxiety, Stress, and Panic Relief

Are you anxious? Well, it means you are experiencing too much stress and anxiety in a single moment. Not just that, life becomes hell when these anxious feelings become background music in your life. That’s where Guided meditation for anxiety can work miracles for you. Wondering how a few breathing techniques can relieve you from feeling anxiety, stress, or panic attacks? Meditation is the only answer you need to

  • Gain a New Perspective
  • Self-Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Flushing out Negative Emotions
  • Enjoy Improved Creativity & Imagination
  • Learn Patience & Tolerance

What is Guided Meditation?

It is a form of meditation where you have a mental image or visualization based on the voice of a yoga instructor or guru. Since the mind wanders, every now and then, you are guided to relax your mind. Therefore, you make use of various senses of the body and take help from the surrounding environment as well.

You can either focus on the breath or can listen to some distant sound, or you can concentrate on a light source. Guided meditation helps you to have better concentration, which ultimately makes you aware of yourself and your surrounding.

How Guided Meditation Fight Anxiety & Stress

How Guided Meditation Fight Anxiety & Stress

1. Calm Chaos

When you are too lost in your thoughts, you tend to get confused. Therefore, you waffle while taking decisions. With so much pressure building in your head, it leads to a state of chaos. Once you experience a stressful situation spinning your head, your whole being experiences anxiety.

Guided Meditation for anxiety helps you relax your mind. It doesn’t let you dwell on your memories. Rather, it has been seen that meditation calms the monkey mind. You learn to focus your energy to have a better connection with your inner being.

2. Manage Anger

Anxiety is responsible for anger issues as well. With so much going around in the head, you feel as if nothing is going great in life. You feel helpless. In turn, all your feelings are bottled up within you.

Guided Meditation for anxiety helps with the clearance of all those negative emotions and feelings leading to anger. You learn to observe the root cause for anxiety, and through it, you learn to manage the emotions that control you.

3. Let Go

Getting stuck in overly dramatic situations is very common these days. However, practising guided meditation for anxiety gives you the courage to let go of the outer elements that you once found extremely precious.

When you learn to let go of things, you become calm. You don’t rush things rather let them take time. In turn, you get plenty of me-time as you are not constantly running behind stuff that you can’t control.

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4. Relax the Body

Guided Meditation for anxiety heals various health issues like sleep disorders, chronic pain, mental issues, and much more. Hence, your body and mind get the much-needed rest, which automatically helps you feel much better.

Furthermore, you witness lower blood pressure, slower heart rate, and better consumption of oxygen. Hence, you gain overall wellness when you include meditation for anxiety in your daily schedule.

5. Promote Mindfulness

When you speak about being mindful, you are talking about ‘noticing’ the surroundings and the self. When you practice guided meditation for anxiety, you automatically build the habit of being mindful. It makes you aware of the present situation and helps you observe various events in your life rather than judging them.

With guided meditation for anxiety, you learn to tune yourself with nature. You feel a rise in your vibrations and have a better chance to connect with your true self. You learn to release any judgments attached to various events of your life.

When you practice meditation regularly, you feel connected with everything around you. In turn, you grow as a human being and learn to embrace every little detail of your life. Your overall sense of perception improves, giving you a new outlook on life.

Helps With Addiction

Self-control is one of the most crucial elements for every human being. However, with the presence of so many distractions, your mind fails to stay put in a single moment. Moreover, stress results in falling victim to different forms of bad habits.

So, getting rid of various addictions could become harder. However, with the incorporation of guided meditation for anxiety and stress in your life, you learn how to control your mind. Hence, you develop more self-control that stops your mind whenever it goes off track.

In short, you get rid of alcohol consumption, smoking, doing drugs, and other addictions. If you wish to live a healthy life, make sure to inculcate meditation practice into your routine.

Boosts Concentration

Not only do kids need better concentration but also adults should learn how to stay focused. Practising different forms of meditation helps in boosting your overall concentration.

Moreover, it cures various mental illnesses like ADD. With the practice of guided meditation for anxiety and stress, you learn how to be aware of the present moment. In short, you stay conscious for the longest time that helps you learn, observe, and perceive things differently.

With better concentration, you know what are things going on in your mind. Moreover, you can concentrate on important things at hand rather than getting lost in unwanted things.

Changes Mental Circuits

Studies conducted in 2011 showed that practising mindfulness meditation changes the physical structure of your brain. The results showed significant growth in the volume of the hippocampus zone. This single zone results in better learning and sharp memory.

Moreover, the change in the mental circuits leads to better emotional control. Moreover, it further leads to a decrease in the amygdala that controls feelings of fear, anger, frustration, and stress. Hence, practising guided meditation for anxiety, stress, and panic relief works on your overall mental functioning.

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Ques 1) How does meditation help with stress and anxiety?

Ans) Meditation helps in reducing stress and anxiety by making you learn how to balance your breath, thereby relaxing and calming your inner self down. Further, it removes any negative emotions and feelings stuck in your mind. Hence, it helps you remain stress and anxiety-free.

Ques 2) How can I relax my brain from anxiety? What are the best methods to relieve stress?

Ans) If you are looking for a way to relieve anxiety and get rid of stress, then try meditation and some basic breathing exercises. They will surely help your mind, body, and soul out in the long run. Moreover, you can listen to soulful and relaxing music while meditating to increase the effects. 

Ques 3) Is meditation a waste of time?

Ans) No! Practicing meditation is not a waste of time. Rather, you learn to draw your attention towards things that are necessary. Further, meditation practice helps in raising your awareness, silencing your mental clutter, and improving your vision in life. Therefore, meditation practise ensures you remain conscious at every point of your life.