Face Yoga For Jowls: Causes & Natural Treatment
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face yoga for jowls

Face Yoga For Jowls: Causes & Natural Treatment

Everyone loves to have the perfect physical appearance. However, with the inclusion of poor lifestyle habits, you face different health issues. One of the major facial issues that people experience is jowls. Jowls are the saggy skin on your neck and its surrounding areas. In this case, practicing face yoga for jowls seems like a perfect remedy for all.

The remedy works best when you know the cause. So, we have pointed out some of the common causes of jowls in humans. Knowing them helps you declutter many things from your life that hurt you. Further, go through some of the best exercises of face yoga for jowls. Let’s get started.

Causes of Jowls

Aging is one of the major causes of jowls in humans. However, the situation worsens when other factors come into play. With aging, the skin loses its contraction and other compounds that play a major role in shaping your jaws.

Further, aging leads to the loss of connective tissues like collagen and protein elastins. Due to this, it loses its humidity which does not allow it to stay in a tighter shape. Other factors include:

  • Sunburn
  • Chronic Alcohol Consumption
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Less Intake of Antioxidants
  • Poor Skin Hygiene
  • Aggressive Cleansing
  • Genetics
  • Extreme Weight Loss

With so many reasons at play, now you know what to target. Hence, practicing face yoga for jowls becomes more efficient when you cut all the other factors at play.

Face Yoga For Jowls: A Few Exercises

Fish Face

It is different from the regular pout-faced influencers that you come across. In fish face yoga for jowls exercise, you suck in your cheeks. While doing so, make sure you smile a little. This helps in lifting your cheeks and sharpening your jawline.

Air Fill and Compression

To relax your facial muscles, face yoga for jowls exercises comes in handy. One of those is done by filling your mouth with air. Take in as much air as you can and then compress your cheeks. Do not let the air pass out from your mouth. Move the ball of air from one cheek to the other when the mouth is filled with air.

Pout Face

The pouting face might seem easier, however, it puts a lot of stretching on your chin and cheek muscles. It also affects your and throat neck muscles. To practice this exercise of face yoga for jowls, pout your lips such that you are holding a pencil between your lips. Hold this posture for the longest time. This becomes more effective with time.

Left & Right Look With Wide-Eyes

Start with raising your eyes as high as possible and open your eyes wide. Then, move your eyeballs from one side to the other for at least 30 seconds. This face yoga for jowls helps relax your eyes as well as the upper half of your face. It might lead to a little headache. However, that is for a few seconds.

Big Wide Smile

This face yoga for jowls exercises uses nearly every facial expression. Have a wider smile, open your eyes, and show your teeth. Doing this face yoga for jowls works on your facial muscles that can be felt throughout your face.

Teeth Clenching

To do this, place your teeth against one another and clench them roughly. While doing so, it also works on your throat, jaws, and neck muscles. Hence, it perfectly targets the muscles that sag over time. It even works on shoulder muscles that help you with cervical pain.

Wrap Up

The art of face yoga for jowls improves your facial health. It can be complemented with other yogic practices that work on your whole body. Doing so not only makes you healthy and fit but also improves your facial health.

Another important thing that you get while practising yoga is there are no side effects. You are not putting any harmful chemicals in your body. Moreover, yoga practice is gentle on your body. This is going to increase your flexibility, agility, and mobility over time.