Certified Yoga Teacher Training Cost for USA, UK, Canada, Australia
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Cost of Certified Yoga Teacher Training for USA, UK, Canada and Australia

Cost of Certified Yoga Teacher Training for USA, UK, Canada and Australia People

If one is looking to become a certified yoga teacher then choosing the best YTT program makes their journey less troublesome and more smooth. The individual needs to be aware of how much the yoga teacher training would cost in their home country before looking outside.

With that said, this blog will provide complete details about how much yoga instructor training costs in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Let us first start with the Land of Opportunity aka the United States of America. Given below is the average cost of yoga teacher training in the USA.

Cost of Certified Yoga Teacher Training in the USA

Becoming a certified yoga instructor in the USA is a boon. One has the opportunity to help the Hollywood elite reconnect with their divine self. The average cost of a certified yoga teacher varies from $200 to $7,000 depending on the type of yoga course and accommodation.

It is time we find out the cost of yoga teacher training in The Great White North, which is none other than Canada.

Certified Yoga Teacher Training Cost in Canada

Canada is a friendly country for its local and international citizens. Becoming a yoga instructor in this country allows one to share this sacred art with others. The average cost of becoming a certified yoga teacher in Canada ranges from CAD 2900 to 3900. It largely depends on the person’s level of training.

Now, let us find out how much yoga teacher training costs in Australia.

Certified Yoga Teacher Training Cost in Australia

Australia offers one the opportunity of a lifetime to become a certified yoga teacher by training under the best in the yoga industry. The cost of the YTT program here ranges from AUD 3695 to 5595 and depends on the type of accommodation.

It is time we find out what it costs to get certified yoga teacher training in Great Britain.

Cost of Certified Yoga Teacher Training in the UK

The average fee one needs to pay to become a yoga instructor ranges from £1,000 to £3,000. It depends largely on where one is learning yoga from, and the level of yoga teacher certification.

However, simply knowing the cost of yoga teacher training would not help them become an expert yoga teacher. One has to consider the three tips mentioned below to make the most of their yoga teacher training program.

1. Choose the Right Yoga Certification

To become the best yoga instructor it is necessary to choose a yoga teacher training program suiting one’s budget and one that provides the right yoga teacher training. Yoga experts recommend choosing a yoga course carrying the Yoga Alliance USA certification.

2. Teach Yoga

Although completing the certified yoga teacher training is not a walk in the park, but more important is one’s desire to teach yoga as it gives them direct experience of organizing a yoga class.

3. Do the Right Marketing

For one to become popular in yoga circles it is important to use the right marketing tactics. Social media is a boon for those looking to promote themselves as not just a certified but a great yoga teachers.

However, one should know that the course fee is just a small fraction of the total expenses of yoga teacher training. The individual should know that yoga teacher training does not include just the fee of the course. There are some other expenses they should consider before making the final decision.

Let us find out what these additional expenses are.

Additional Yoga Teacher Training Costs

The certified yoga teacher course does not include only the course fee but additional costs like;

1. The Certification

A yoga teacher certification is the largest expense one has to take into consideration before embarking on their yoga journey. Depending on the type of yoga certification, the expenses can range from a bare minimum of $100 to a whopping $10,000.

2. Traveling Time

Becoming a yoga instructor is just the beginning of one’s spiritual journey. One has to travel a lot to different yoga studios and even to a client’s home for a one-on-one session. Moreover, one cannot ignore the travel expenses that can include time spent on reaching the location.

3. Yoga Insurance

After completing the certified yoga teacher course the first thing one has to have is liability insurance. Yoga injuries and incidents, although rare do happen and in such a situation one has to have the right protection.

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4. Miscellaneous Expenses

Teaching yoga has a lot of expenses. It includes the fee for professional associations, downloading music for the class, marketing costs, and the cost for the yoga props or dress.


A certified yoga teacher is just the start of one’s yogic journey. However, they do need to consider many other factors especially the additional costs when it comes to learning this sacred art.

1. Would I Need to be Trained in Yoga Before Joining a YTT?

Although you need not be an advanced practitioner of yoga, still you should possess basic yoga knowledge before enrolling in the class.

Yoga experts recommend you read yoga-based literature, view online videos for yoga beginners, and learn the basic yoga terminology and postures.

This helps you practice yoga during the YTT without losing track of what the teacher is saying.

2. What Style of Yoga Would I Learn During The 200 Hour YTT?

Keep in mind, the art of yoga is vast and has evolved into numerous styles during the last few years. From advanced asanas to deeper meditation techniques, there is a lot you learn during the YTT.

If you enrol in the beginner 200 hour yoga teacher training, you get the opportunity to learn Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, yoga philosophy, its history and origins.

The 200 hour YTT has been designed to provide you with a basic understanding of this ancient art.

3. Can I Teach After Completing The YTT Program?

Yes! If you pass the course in practical and theoretical aspects of yoga. You would have to undergo a small test to showcase your understanding of yoga. Later, you would be given certificates showcasing that you completed the course.

Our yoga teachers recommend that you register with Yoga Alliance to reap all the benefits of becoming a trained and knowledgeable yoga teacher.

4. What Is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that has set the standard for yoga teaching around the world. The organization works for the welfare and spread of the global yoga community. Yoga Alliance deals with setting the protocols for curriculum, planning, training, and qualifications for teaching yoga.