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Personal Yoga Trainer

What Things Should You Consider in a Personal Yoga Trainer?

Do you want to practice yoga at your home? Guess what! You can hire a personal yoga trainer and start...
200 YTT in yoga

How to Find the Best 200 YTT in Yoga? How Long is RYT 200?

200 YTT can also be known as 200hour yoga teacher training. Therefore, when you think about 200 YTT in yoga,...
Yoga Alliance – Your Guide To Becoming A Yoga Guru

Yoga Alliance USA – Your Guide To Becoming A Yoga Guru

Yoga has been an integral part of Indian culture for more than 5000 years. However, it has not been limited...
yoga for chest pain

Best Exercises of Yoga For Chest Pain

Chest pain can occur because of various reasons. It could happen due to lack of strength in chest muscles, lack...