Best Yoga Poses for Male Fertility [Starters Guide]
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Best Yoga Poses for Male Fertility [Starters Guide]

Infertility in men is one of the biggest reasons that stress them out and at times, it also causes a rift between the couple. Moreover, male infertility can even lead one to mental problems. Some examples include anxiety, depression, etc. This is where yoga for male fertility comes into the picture. Trying the best yoga poses for male fertility not just improves factors contributing the problems but also helps one to get rid of stress and unwanted anxiety.

In this post, we have talked about the topmost yoga for male fertility poses that you ought to go through if you are experiencing the same problem or want to avoid it.

Yoga Poses for Male Fertility [Topmost Asanas]

1. Bridge Pose

Benefit: Boosts the blood circulation to the pelvis.

How to Perform: First of all, lie down straight on a yoga mat. Keep your arms on your sides. Lift your hips in the air and bring your heels just near them. While doing so, make sure that the shoulders are kept on the ground only. Do not forget to keep taking long breaths. Yoga poses with breathing will only help out by fifty percent, not more than that.

2. Plough Pose

Benefit: Enhances the sperm count as well as their mobility.

How to Perform: Roll out your yoga mat and lie down. Ensure that your back is relaxed as well as straight. Keep your palms beside your body. Thereafter, start lifting both your legs so that they form a right angle with the body. While doing so, see to it that your hips are in touch with the floor. If possible, try to touch the floor above your head with your fingers.

3. Bow Pose

Benefit: Raises the sperm count and increases the blood circulation.

How to Perform: You need to commence one of the best yoga poses for male fertility by lying down on your belly. Start to raise your knees and then bend them. Once done, try to reach out to your ankles and lift your hips, just a little. Meanwhile, move your beck backwards and hold the pose for a couple of seconds.

4. Boat Pose

Benefit: Strengthens the pelvic muscles and enhances the level of testosterone in the body.

How to Perform: Sit down on the yoga mat with your legs stretched out. Raise both your legs in the air. Then, stretch your arms and try to hold your feet with your fingers. Try to retain the post for as long as you can, but eventually, release it. Or else, it will do more harm than good. And you will have do much more physical workout than just a couple of yoga poses.

5. Lotus Pose

Benefit: Improves the fertility and boosts the pelvic muscles.

How to Perform: Start by sitting on the mat with your spine erect. Raise one leg and keep the ankle just near the hip. Do the same with the other leg. Keep breathing normally and stay in this pose for as long as you like. You will feel the magic unfolding within you.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the best yoga poses for male fertility that a man must do regularly in order to boost his infertility. For your information, apart from implementing these yoga poses into your daily routine, you ought to discuss your medical condition with a doctor. Also, try to discuss the same with your family and close friends. Make sure that you keep a proactive approach towards your health. We are suggesting this so that the symptoms of the problem at hand do not increase in the future.