Beginners Guide to Man Flow Yoga
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Man Flow Yoga

Beginners Guide to Man Flow Yoga

A common excuse that men give for not doing yoga is – It is only for women. But, that is nothing more than an excuse. Doing yoga is no more limited to women or seniors. There are many yoga asanas that benefit men too. In simple words, the man flow yoga is a real thing.

But, before we move further let us take a look at all the excuses men give for avoiding yoga.

Why Men Avoid Yoga?

Given below are 3 reasons why men avoid enrolling for a man flow yoga class.

1. It is for Women

Yes! The majority of yoga classes have women. The curious thing is there are few men who complain about that. The very notion that yoga is only for women is strange. A deep look at the history of this spiritual art reveals that yoga was first practiced by men. It is not until 20th century that women took an interest in this ancient art.

2. I’m Not Flexible Enough

Lack of flexibility also causes many health problems. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a flexible body. It does not mean you cannot develop flexibility. The man flow yoga has many techniques and methods to help you do that. It also helps you develop good muscular strength and joint mobility.

3. Yoga is Too Easy

A question that comes to the mind of many men – Why should I join a yoga class for stretching when i stretch everyday?

Keep in mind that practicing the many yoga asanas and techniques is no cakewalk. No amount of lifting heavy weights can come closer to what a single yoga session does.

Now, let us look at how doing man flow yoga is a win-win deal for you.

Reasons to Practice Man Flow Yoga

If any of the points above resonate with what you think, you are not alone. There are many who do not believe in the healing power of yoga.

That said, given below are four reasons why you should include man flow yoga in your daily routine.

1. Improves Flexibility

Many sporting activities require your body to perform explosive and strategic movements. Daily practice of yoga targets specific muscles in your body. This increases the extensibility and endurance of the said muscle. It increases blood flow, range of motion, and nutrient delivery. In the long run you develop the flexibility to take part in any physical activity without a second thought.

2. Relieves Stress & Tension

Want to get away from the endless texts and emails? Include man flow yoga in your daily routine. It helps you detox from all the distraction on a mental and physical level. Yoga techniques like Pranayama offer a relaxing effect to your mind. Daily practice calms down the central nervous system. This helps you live with less stress and more happiness.

3. Improves Balance & Stability

Yoga postures like arm balance and forward bend challenge your physical limits. Daily practice of these yoga poses improves your postural stability. It also helps improve deep core engagement and support.

4. Helps Prevent Injuries

Physical injuries occur due to poor body maintenance in active or inactive individuals. Over tight muscles put you at a higher risk of muscle and tendon strains, sprains, and tears. Doing man flow yoga balances the muscular connections in your body. This provides space for mobility to increase range of motion.

To reap these benefits you should practice the right yoga asanas.

Best Man Flow Yoga Poses

Given below are the best 3 man flow yoga poses you can do.

1. Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose helps unlock the inner warrior present in every individual. This yoga pose also helps your body develop energy and release all tension. It gives your thigh and glute muscles a good stretch. Warrior pose helps strengthen your back muscles.

2. Mountain Pose

The easiest man flow yoga pose is Mountain pose. This stabilizes your entire nervous system with deep breathing. Mountain pose helps build energy and releases tension from your entire body. Daily practice helps you develop inner awareness and improves focus and concentration.

3. Squat Pose

Want to develop more flexibility in your groin muscles? Practice the Squat pose. This yoga asana mobilizes your hip joints. It also strengthens your thigh muscles and knees. Daily practice of Squat pose helps stretch and strengthen your lower back muscles.


Do you think that yoga is only for the ladies and seniors? Refer to this guide to understand how man flow yoga can help men stay in great shape. Enroll in a certified yoga school to learn the best yoga for men techniques from experienced yoga teachers.