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A Guide To Different Types Of Courses In Yoga

A Guide To Different Types Of Courses In Yoga

Confused about which yoga course to join? To clear away your confusion, you need to understand about various courses in yoga that you can join. This way you get to know which yoga program best suits your goal.

The selection of a perfect yoga course helps you to have the best experience of your life. Moreover, you feel connected and comfortable in the right place. Read the following mentioned courses in yoga from which you can choose.

List Of Different Courses In Yoga

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour yttYou can rely on a 200-hour yoga teacher training course when it comes to constructing a strong base. It is a 4-week yoga course that teaches you the basics of yoga training.

200-hour YTT course is the most basic yoga course that you can enroll in if you want to start your yogic journey. It leads you towards personal transformation. Moreover, you get to clear away all your doubts or questions after enrolling in this course.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

300 hour ytt

It is one of the perfectly curated courses in yoga for intermediate yoga practitioners. 300-hour YTT could be an option for practitioners who want to level up their practice.

You learn in-depth about various forms of yoga, types of meditation, and much more. It is a 40-day yoga course that teaches the art of yoga practice. Moreover, you become a certified yoga instructor registered with the yoga alliance, the USA on the completion of this course.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

500 hour yttIt is the most advanced yoga course structured for yoga practitioners looking to reach the pinnacle of their yogic journey. RYT 500 is a 60-day course that nourishes you not just physically and mentally but spiritually too.

It helps you to become a master of your trade. Moreover, it could be a perfect option for you if you want to open your yoga studio or school.

How To Choose Best-Suited Courses In Yoga

Set Your Goal

The selection becomes a lot easier if you have a clear idea about what you are seeking. With that in mind, you know where to go. Thus, your search narrows down to a yoga course that perfectly suits your goal.

It also improves the chances of you ending in a perfect place for your practice. The yoga course of your selection should be in alignment with your goal in mind. It helps you feel connected with the surrounding people.

Know Your Yoga Level

It is of no use if you are a beginner and ends up enrolling in a yoga course is way too advance. Similarly, if you enrol in a basic yoga course being an advanced yoga practitioner, it will be too easy for you.

So, you need to match your yoga practice with the selection of your course. It places you in a favourable situation where you remain focused. In turn, you feel motivated and inspired to push your limits.

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Yoga Certification

There are so many courses in yoga that might fall in alignment with your needs. But you need to be aware that they are yoga alliance certified.


When you enrol in the yoga alliance certified course, you can rest assured to be in safer hands. You become a member of the yoga alliance when your yoga course is complete.

Yoga alliance serves as a perfect platform for yoga aspirants for maximum exposure.


You need to be conscious while looking out for the best-suited courses in yoga for you. It enhances your knowledge to further increase your overall performance. Enrolling in the right course pushes your yoga practice to greater heights.

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Ques 1) Which course is best in yoga?

Ans) It depends on the level of your yoga practice. 200 hour yoga teacher training is just the perfect course for beginners. Furthermore, 300 hour YTT is the best course for intermediate yoga practitioners. For a person at the peak of their yoga practice, 500 hour yoga teacher training is a perfect option.

Ques 2) Is there any career in yoga?

Ans) Yes! There are many fields that might interest you once you decide to have a career in yoga. You can become a certified yoga teacher, manage a yoga studio, or open a yoga centre. Further, you can become a yoga therapist or open a restorative yoga therapy centre.

Ques 3) How do I get a job after yoga teacher training?

Ans) The very first thing you must do is to get registered with the Yoga Alliance. Further, you can also get in touch with various yoga schools that have a vacancy. Moreover, offering private yoga lessons is another thing that you can do.